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Jakob Andreae

Jakob Andreae

Jakob Andreae (March 25, 1528 – January 7, 1590) was a significant German Lutheran theologian, involved in the drafting of major documents.


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He was born in Waiblingen, in the Duchy of Württemberg. He studied at the University of Tübingen from 1541. he attended the diets of Ratisbon (1557) and Augsburg (1559), became professor of theology in the University of Tübingen (1562), and provost of the church of St. George. He was active in Protestant discussions and movements, particularly in the adoption of a common declaration of faith by the two parties.

In 1573 he conducted with the help of Martin Crusius a correspondence with Patriarch Jeremias II of Constantinople, to make contact on behalf of the Lutheran Church with the Orthodox Church.

He was a signatory of the 1577 Formula of Concord, and editor with Martin Chemnitz of the 1580 Book of Concord. In the latter part of his life he traveled in Bohemia and Germany, working for the consolidation of the Reformation, conferring with pastors, magistrates, and princes. He was the author of more than 150 works, nearly all polemical and vigorously written, for the most part directed against Calvinism.[1]

He died in Tübingen, in the Duchy of Württemberg.

He was the father of Johannes Andreae (1554-1601) and the grandfather of Johann Valentin Andreae.


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