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Jody Hice

Jody Hice (born April 22, 1960) is an 2014 elections.

Early life

Hice is a native of [1]

Hice first served as senior pastor of Bethlehem First Baptist Church, until April 2010[2] in Loganville, Georgia from 2011 until December 2013, when he stepped down to run for office.

Involvement in cultural issues

In September 2008, the Reverend Hice was one of 33 pastors across America who participated in "Pulpit Freedom Sunday",[3] an effort that challenged an Internal Revenue Service code threatening churches and pastors with loss of tax-exempt status and criminal behavior if they address political issues from the pulpit. In that sermon, Hice endorsed Senator John McCain for President. The IRS never publicly responded to the event, and Pulpit Freedom Sunday has since grown to include over 450 churches.[4]

In January 2009, Hice and Aaron Evans (a Christian speaker and media personality from Virginia)[5] launched Hope For America Rallies to educate Americans on the Christian influences in America's founding.[6]

The Jody Hice Show

During the battle between the ACLU and Barrow County, Georgia, regarding the public display of the Ten Commandments in the County Courthouse, Reverend Hice was asked by a local radio station to provide weekly updates and to address various other issues.[7] Out of that weekly program was started a daily show, Let Freedom Ring, which was originally heard on [8] the show focuses on Constitutional, moral, and religious liberty issues. The show features commentary and interviews with various guests on these topics. The show is now called The Jody Hice Show.

2014 Congressional Campaign

The Congressional Seat for Georgia's 10th Congressional District opened up when the sitting representative, Paul Broun, announced his bid for U.S. Senate in 2014.[9] Jody Hice was the second to formally enter the race on April 15, 2013, citing government spending as his foremost concern.[10] Hice was soon joined by 5 other candidates, leading to primary election of 7 for the open seat. Hice placed first in the primary on May 20, 2014 with 33.5% of the vote, followed closely by his run-off opponent Mike Collins who won 33% of the vote.[11]

With no candidate wining 50% of the vote, a run-off campaign was issued between the top two candidates, Jody Hice and Mike Collins. The close race quickly grew heated amid accusations of campaign sign theft from both sides and reports of supporters being harassed at debates.[12] Hice ultimately won the run-off, grabbing 54% of the vote.[13]

Hice faced a Democratic opponent in November election, which he won in a GOP wave on Nov. 4, 2014. [14]

Grassroots Campaign Work

Jody Hice's high-margin victory in his 2014 run-off with Mike Collins has been largely attributed to his comprehensive grassroots campaign. During his primary, Mr. Hice gained a reputation for hiring interns and staff members to do campaign work. A team of as few as ten interns made tens-of-thousands of calls to counteract a Democratic push in the state to elect a more moderate Republican.[15]


National media outlets have drawn attention to Jody Hice's views on Islam regarding his book, "A Call to Reclaim America", in which he claims that Islam is not only a religion, but a geo-political structure and is therefore not deserving of First Amendment protection.[16]

Hice has also drawn criticisms from his comments on opposing gay marriage.[17] He particularly drew criticism from an episode of his radio show in which he voiced his concerns about banning conversion therapy. In this show he claimed homosexuality is a choice and is indulging a sinful tendency, much like alcoholism or drug abuse.[18]


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