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John Erickson (historian)

John Erickson
Born 17 April 1929
Died 10 February 2002
Region United Kingdom
Main interests
military historian (History of warfare, World War II, Soviet Union in World War II
Major works
The Road to Stalingrad and The Road to Berlin

John Erickson (17 April 1929 in South Shields – 10 February 2002 Edinburgh)[1] was a British historian who wrote extensively on the Second World War. His two best-known books – The Road to Stalingrad and The Road to Berlin – dealt with the Soviet response to the German invasion of the Soviet Union, covering the period from 1941 to 1945.[2]

Erickson was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (FRSE, 1982) and a Fellow of the British Academy (FBA, 1985); he later gave a considerable amount of on-screen opinion to the Battlefield series, in programmes dealing with the Eastern Front and armoured warfare and appeared in subsequent documentaries.

He was Professor Emeritus and Honorary Fellow in Defence Studies at the University of Edinburgh. His wife, Ljubica Erickson, spent many years with her husband researching Russian military affairs, in particular the Soviet Army and the Soviet-German war.


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