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Title: Julaybib  
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Subject: Sahabah, List of Sahabah, Abu Fuhayra, Akib ibn Usaid, Abdullah ibn Hudhafah as-Sahmi
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Julaybib was a martyr and one of the less known companions of Muhammad in the early Muslim community. His name was acquired prior to his acceptance of Islam and is considered unusual and incomplete. In the Arabic language Julaybib means "small grown" being the diminutive form of the word jalbab, indicating that Julaybib was small and short, even dwarf-like. He was also described as being damim, meaning ugly, deformed, or repulsive.

Julaybib's lineage was unknown and there is no record of his parents or what tribe he belonged to. All that was known of him was that he was an Arab and that he was one of the Ansar in Medina.

With Julaybib in mind, Muhammad went to an Ansari man and said: "I want to have your daughter married." "How wonderful and blessed, O Messenger of God and what a delight to the eye (this would be)," he replied. "I do not want her for myself," added Muhammad. "Then for whom, O Messenger of God?" asked the man, obviously disappointed. "For Julaybib," said Muhammad. The Ansari went to consult with his wife, telling her of Muhammad's desire for their daughter to marry Julaybib. His wife was repulsed, and protested saying "To Julaybib! No, never to Julaybib! No, by God, we shall not marry (her) to him."

While the Ansari was preparing to inform Muhammad of what his wife said, the daughter hearing her mother's protestations, asked: "Who has asked you to marry me?"

It is said that she the daughter was so beautiful that there was none among the women of that clan who could compete with her looks. She was so shy and modest that perhaps the sky itself had never seen her head uncovered. She had so much fear of her creator and piety, that she would spend her days and nights in worship.The daughter asked what was happening, she was told that the Messenger of God wants your hand in marriage for Julaybib. As the Mother continued her crying and wailing the daughter spoke she said, "O my Mother fear Allah think of what you are saying are you turning away the Messenger of God. 'O my Mother it does not suit a believer to make their own decision once God and his Messenger have decided on a matter. Do you think that the Messenger of God will disgrace us? How blessed is the status of Julaybib, that God and his Messenger are asking for your daughter's hand on his behalf. Don't you know that the angels themselves envy the dust on the feet of one who is a beloved of God and His Messenger. Ask the Messenger to send me Julaybib for there is no greater privilege than for me to be blessed by such a husband, the Messenger of God has arrived with such a wonderful gift yet my Mother you cry and wail."

She was married by Muhammad to Julaybib and they lived together until he was killed in an expedition.

On the day of the expedition his father in law, had pleaded with him: "'O Julaybib this is just an expedition, it is not a compulsory Jihad, it is a voluntary Jihad, therefore you are newly married spend some time with your wife."

Julaybib, the one who had spent a lifetime in despair, had now found a loving wife. But he replied to his father in law's request and said, " 'O my father you say a strange thing, my Beloved Prophet is in the battlefield facing the enemies of Islam and you want me to sit at home with my wife, nay I will sacrifice my blood and my soul rather than see my Prophet facing hardship while I sit at home in luxury".

Julaybib participated in an expedition with Muhammad in which an encounter with some enemies ensued.

After that battle the Prophet of God, asked his companions to go and to see if anyone was missing from their family's and clans. Each one returned accounting for all his family members. Then the Prophet spoke with tears in his eyes he said "But I have lost my Beloved Julaybib, go and find him." They found his diminutive body lying next to seven enemies he had slain in the battle.

The Prophet of God asked for a grave to be dug, as the Prophet of God held the body of Julaybib he said. "O' Allah he is from me and I am From Him", he repeated this three times. The companions wept profusely "May our Mothers and Fathers be sacrificed for you O' Julaybib, how great is your status." Thus a companion who had once lived as an outcast, shunned by the society around him. He loved God and his Messenger and reached such a high status. He who was not good looking was blessed with a beautiful wife, he who was poor was blessed by a wealthy wife, he who had no family or status, was blessed by a wife with noble status and lineage he who had lived in loneliness and despair, was loved by Allah and his messenger ,He had the Messenger of God say: " O Allah he is from me and I am from him."

It is said: "That upon his martyrdom, that the sky itself was filled with thousands of angels who had come to participate in his funeral."

Julaybib 'The Lonesome one' had become a beloved of Allah, and his prophet, he was lonely no more. Such is the status of the lovers of the Prophet.

As for his wife it is said that there was no widow whose hand was more sought after in marriage than hers.


Musnad Ahmad, Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal

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