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Lego Pharaoh's Quest

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Title: Lego Pharaoh's Quest  
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Lego Pharaoh's Quest

Lego Pharaoh's Quest
Subject Egypt Exploration
Availability 2011–2012
Total sets 9
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Lego Pharaoh's Quest is a 2011 Lego theme. It uses elements from the previous Adventure series.


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    • Humans 1.1
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Minifigs for the Pharaoh's Quest are broken up into two groups, humans, who serve as the heroes, and the creatures who serve the Pharaoh. There are also six treasures that referenced as being the items that the humans seek to stop the Pharaoh from gaining the power to take over the world.[1]


  • Jake Raines - Is a famous ace pilot and adventure hero. The hero of the storyline.
  • Mac McCloud - The team’s expert mechanic, driver and demolitions specialist.
  • Professor Hale - The scholarly Professor Archibald Q. Hale discovered the legend of Amset-Ra and set him on the quest to find the six lost treasures.
  • Helena Skvalling - She speaks 7 languages and is an expert at deciphering maps.


  • Pharaoh Amset-Ra - Ruled ancient Egypt thousands of years ago and hoarded his riches. Sought immortality and great power, but was sealed away when 5 of the 6 treasures that would grant him power to take over the world were stolen.
  • Mummy Warrior - Serve their master, the Pharaoh and travel in packs.
  • Flying Mummies - More dangerous, but rarer, they soar through the sky on magical wings of Horus.
  • Anubis Guard - Elite warriors of the Pharaoh that wear masks of the jackal headed Anubis. Their wrappings have been enchanted to make them almost as strong and tough as stone. They protect the Scorpion Pyramid.
  • Giant Scarab - the scarab has been in hibernation for thousands of years waiting for an adventurer to try to dig up the golden stone.
  • Stone Cobra - the stone cobra looks like mere sandstone carving but with the Pharaoh's command it will come to live and defend the Golden scarab shield.
  • Sphinx - this statue is no myth it will magically come to live and defend the golden sword from all attackers.
  • Giant Scorpion - this stone statue turned to stone to protect the sixth treasure from invaders and adventurers.


  • Golden Sword - Hidden away in the Temple of Anubis, bestows upon the Pharaoh the might and fighting ability of Egypt's greatest warriors.
  • Soul Diamond - Hidden at the top of a tall spire, gives the Pharaoh the power to create mirages.
  • Golden Crystal - Guarded by the might Scarab, grants the power to command all of the beasts of the desert.
  • Golden Scarab Shield - Protected by an enchanted stone Cobra, has the power to mystically shield the Pharaoh from all attacks.
  • Golden Staff - Greatly enhances the might of the Pharaoh's mummy servants.
  • Golden Nemes - Most powerful of the treasures, and hidden in the Scorpion pyramid, grants the power to see the future.


The first release included six sets. The largest of the six sets was "Scorpion Pyramid" which included 792 pieces and seven minifigures. In addition to the first release of sets two polybag sets were released in 2011 as newspaper promotions in the United Kingdom and Ireland and a battle pack which included three minifigures and a sarcophagus was released around the same time as the main sets.[2]

Lego have also released accompanying products branded under the Pharaoh's Quest theme. These include a Coin Bank which included 166 Lego elements, a three piece magnet set consisting of the Jake Raines, Amset-Ra, and Anubis Guard minifigures each attached to a magnetized brick, and three key chains with the key chain attached to the same minifigures featured in the magnet set.[3][4][5][6][7]

Set No. Set Release Pieces Minifigures Ref.
7305 Scarab Attack 2011 44 Jake Raines [8]
7306 Golden Staff Guardians 2011 70 Mac McCloud and Mummies (2) [9]
7307 Flying Mummy Attack 2011 125 Jake Raines and Flying Mummies (2) [10]
7325 Cursed Cobra Statue 2011 213 Jake Raines, Helena Skvalling and Mummy [11]
7326 Rise of the Sphinx 2011 527 Jake Raines and Mummies (2) [12]
7327 Scorpion Pyramid 2011 792 Jake Raines, Mac McCloud, Professor Hale, Pharaoh Amset-Ra, Anubis Guards (2) and Flying Mummy [13]
30090 Desert Glider 2011 33 Jake Raines [14]
30091 Desert Rover 2011 34 Jake Raines [15]
853176 Skeleton Mummy Battle Pack 2011 29 Flying Mummy, Mummies (2) [16]


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