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Line of succession to the Cambodian throne

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Title: Line of succession to the Cambodian throne  
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Subject: Constitutional monarchy, Royal family, List of current sovereign monarchs
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Line of succession to the Cambodian throne

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The King of Cambodia is the head of state of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The King's power is limited to that of a symbolic figurehead to whom people are to give love and respect. The monarch also represents peace, stability, and prosperity to the Khmer people. The King of Cambodia is an elected monarch, making Cambodia one of the few elected monarchies of the world. The king is elected for life from among the members of the royal family who are at least 30 years old by the Royal Council of the Throne which consists of several senior elected and religious figures.

Mythological history

Cambodia (68–1431)

Funan Kingdom (68–627)

Order King Personal Name Reign
01 Queen Soma Liǔyè
(Traditional Khmer Call: Neang Neak)
latter 1st century
02 Kaundinya I Hùntián
(Traditional Khmer Call: Preah Tong)
68-latter 1st century
03 Unknown latter 2nd century
04 Unknown Hùnpánhuáng latter 2nd century
05 Unknown Pánpán early 3rd century
06 Srei Meara Fàn Shīmàn ca. 205–225
07 Unknown Fàn Jīnshēng ca. 225
08 Unknown Fàn Zhān ca. 225-ca. 240
09 Unknown Fàn Xún ca. 240-ca. 287
10 Unknown Unknown latter 3rd century
11 Unknown Tiānzhú Zhāntán latter 4th century
12 Unknown Unknown latter 4th century
13 Kaundinya II Qiáochénrú Unknown-434
14 Srindravarman I Chílítuóbámó 434–435
15 Unknown Unknown Unknown
16 Unknown Unknown Unknown
17 Jayavarman Kaundinya Shéyébámó 484–514
18 Rudravarman Liútuóbámó 514–550
Funan-Chenla War: 550–627
19 Sarvabhauma Unknown 550-?
20 Unknown Unknown c. 550–627

Chenla Kingdom (550–802)

Order King Personal Name Reign
21 Bhavavarman I Bhavavarman 550–600
22 Mohendravarman Chet Sen 600–616
23 Isanavarman I Isanavarman 616–635
24 Bhavavarman II Bhavavarman 639–657
25 Jayavarman I Jayavarman 657–681
26 Queen: Jayavedi Jayavedi 681–713
Two Kingdoms of Chenla: Land Chenla and Water Chenla: 706–802
Javanese Invasion: 774–802

Khmer Empire (802–1431)

Order King Personal Name Reign
27 Jayavarman II Jayavarman 802–850
28 Jayavarman III Jayavarthon 850–877
29 Indravarman I Indravarman 877–889
30 Yasovarman I Yasovarthon 889–900
31 Harshavarman I Harshavarman 900–925
32 Ishanavarman II Isanavarman 925–928
33 Jayavarman IV Jayavarman 928–941
34 Harshavarman II Harshavarman 941–944
35 Rajendravarman II Rajedravarman 944–968
36 Jayavarman V Jayavarman 968–1001
37 Udayadityavarman I Udayadityavarman 1002
38 Jayavirahvarman Jayavirahvarman 1002–1006
39 Suryavarman I Suryavarman 1006–1050
40 Udayadityavarman II Udayadityavarman 1050–1066
41 Harshavarman III Harshavarman 1066–1080
42 Noriditdravarman Noriditdravarman 1080–1113
43 Jayavarman VI Jayavarman 1080–1107
44 Dharanindravarman I Dharanindravarman 1107–1113
45 Suryavarman II Suryavarman 1113–1150
46 Dharanindravarman II Dharanindravarman 1150–1156
47 Yasovarman II Yasovarman 1156–1165
48 Tribhuvanidityavarman Tribhuvanidityavarman 1165–1177
Cham Invasion: 1177–1181
49 Jayavarman VII Jayavathon 1181–1218
50 Indravarman II Indravarman 1218–1243
Siam was created in 1238 during reign of Indravarman by Pho Khun Si Intharathit in Sukhothai, one of Khmer’s provinces.
51 Jayavarman VIII Jayavarman 1243–1295
52 Indravarman III Srei Indravarman 1295–1307
53 Indrajayavarman Srei Jayavarman 1307–1327
54 Jayavarman IX Jayavama Borommesvarah / Jayavarman Parameshwara 1327–1336
55 Trosok Peam Ponhea Chey 1336–1340
56 Nippean Bat Nippean Bat 1340–1346
57 Lompong Racha Lompong Racha 1346–1351
Siam Invasion: 1352–1357
58 Soryavong Soryavong 1357–1363
59 Borom Reachea I Borommarama 1363–1373
60 Thomma Saok Thomma Saok 1373–1393
Siam Invasion: 1393 (5 months).
61 Barom Reachea II Ponhea Yat 1393–1463

Kingdom of Cambodia (1431–1863)

Charktomok Era (1431–1525)

Name Personal Name Reign
Ponhea Yat Ponhea Yat 1421 – 1463
Noreay Ramathipatei Narayanaraja 1463 – 1468
Reachea Ramathipatei Sri Raja 1468 – 1477
Soriyotei II Rajadhiraja 1472 – 1477
Thommo Reachea I Dharmarajadhiraja 1474 – 1486
Srey Sukonthor Damkhat Sukonthor 1486 – 1512

Cambodia Civil War: Ponhea Chan and Sdech Kan war: 1516–1525

Longvek Era (1525–1593)

Name Personal Name Reign
Ney Khan Ney Khan 1512 – 1516
Ang Chan I Ponhea Chan 1516 – 1566
Barom Reachea I Satha Mahindharaja 1566 – 1576
Chey Chettha I Chey Chettha 1576 – 1594

Srei Santhor Era (1594–1620)

Name Personal Name Reign start
Preah Ram I Reamea Chungprey 1594 – 1596
Preah Ram II Keo Ban On 1596 – 1597
Barom Reachea II Ponhea Yor 1597 – 1599
Barom Reachea III Ponhea An 1599 – 1600
Ponhea Nhom Keo Hua I 1600 – 1603
Barom Reachea IV Srei Soriyopear 1603 – 1618

Oudong Era (Dark Age of Cambodia, 1620–1863)

Name Personal Name Reign
Chey Chettha II Ponhea Nhom 1618–1628
Outey Udayaraja 1628–1642
Thommoreachea II or Sri Dharmaraja II
Preah Bat Samdech Thommoreachea II
Ponhea To 1628–1630
Batom Reachea or Padumaraja I
Preah Bat Samdech Padumaraja I
Ang Non 1640–1642
Ramathipadi I
Preah Bat Samdech Ramathipadi I
Ponhea Chan 1642–1658
Barom Reachea V or Paramaraja IX
Preah Bat Samdech Barom Reachea V
Ang Sur 1658–1672
Chey Chettha III or Padumaraja II
Preah Bat Samdech Chey Chettha III
Srei Chey Chettha 1672–1673
Kaev Hua II
Preah Bat Samdech Kaev Hua II
Ang Chea 1673–1674
Padumaraja III
Preah Bat Samdech Padumaraja III
Ang Nan 1674
Chey Chettha IV
Preah Bat Samdech Chey Chettha IV
Ang Sor 1675–1695, 1696–1699, 1700–1702 and 1703–1706
Outey I or Narai Ramathipadi II
Preah Bat Samdech Outey I
Ang Yong 1695–1696
Barom Ramadhipati or Kaev Hua III
Preah Bat Samdech Barom Ramadhipati
Ang Em 1699–1700 and 1710–1722
Thommoreachea III or Sri Dhamaraja III
Preah Bat Samdech Thommoreachea III
Ang Tham 1702–1703, 1706–1709 and 1738–1747
Satha II or Paramaraja X
Preah Bat Samdech Satha II
Ang Chey 1722–1729, 1729–1736 and 1749
Thommoreachea IV or Sri Dhamaraja IV
Preah Bat Samdech Thommoreachea IV
Ang Em 1747
Ang Sngoun Chey Chettha V 1749–1755
Ang Tong 1755–1758
Ang Ton Outey Reachea II 1758–1775
Ang Non Ream Reachea 1775–1779
Ang Eng Narayanaraja III 1777–1796
Interregnum: 1796 – 1806
Ang Chan Outey Reachea III 1806–1834
Ang Mey 1834–1841
Ang Duong 1841–1860

Modern Cambodia (since 1863)

French protectorate of Cambodia (1863–1953)

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Kingdom of Cambodia (1953–1970)

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Kingdom of Cambodia (since 1993)

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