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List of Arctic expeditions

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Title: List of Arctic expeditions  
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Subject: Arctic Exploration, Christian IV's expeditions to Greenland, John Cunningham (explorer), Farthest North, List of Antarctic expeditions
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List of Arctic expeditions

This list of Arctic expeditions is a timeline of historic expeditions in, and explorers of, the Arctic.



  • 1496 Russian G. Istoma venturing out of the White Sea explores Murman Coast and coast of northern Norway, also western coast of Novaya Zemlya
  • 1497 Russians D. Zaytsev and D. Ralev venturing out of the White Sea follow route of G. Istoma



  • 1605–07 Danish expeditions led by John Cunningham, Godske Lindenov and Carsten Richardson (all piloted by James Hall), search for the lost Norse colonies on Greenland
  • 1606 John Knight dies commanding an English expedition in search of the Northwest Passage
  • 1607 Henry Hudson explores Spitsbergen
  • 1610 Jonas Poole thoroughly explores Spitsbergen's west coast, reporting that he saw a "great store of whales"; this report leads to the establishment of the English whaling trade.
  • 1610 Russian K. Kurochkin explores mouth of the Yenesei River and adjoining coast
  • 1612 James Hall and William Baffin explores Southwest Greenland
  • 1612–1613 British Button Expedition
  • 1613 Several whaling expeditions, consisting of a total of at least thirty ships, from England, France, Spain, and the Netherlands crowd Spitsbergen's west coast.
  • 1614 Dutch and French expeditions discover Jan Mayen
  • 1615 Robert Fotherby, in the pinnace Richard, is the first English expedition to reach Jan Mayen
  • 1616 English expedition piloted by William Baffin explores Davis Strait-Baffin Bay region
  • 1619–20 Danish expedition led by Jens Munk in Enhiörningen (Unicorn) and Lamprenen (Lamprey) to discover the Northwest Passage penetrated Davis Strait as far north as 69°, found Frobisher Bay, spent a winter in Hudson Bay.
  • 1633-34 I. Rebrov explores the mouth of the Lena River
  • 1633-35 I. Perfilyev explores Lena and Yana Rivers and intervening coast
  • 1638 I. Rebrov explores coast between the Lena and Indigirka Rivers
  • 1641 D.M. Zyryan and M.V. Stadukhin explore mouth of the Indigirka River and adjoining coast
  • 1646 I. Ignatyev explores explores the mouth of the Kolyma River and adjoining coast
  • 1648 Ya. Semyonov explores mouth of Kotuy River and adjoining coast
  • 1648 Semyon Dezhnyov and Fedot Alekseyev explore from the Kolyma River through the Bering Strait
  • 1649 M.V. Stadukhin explores coast from Kolyma River to Bering Strait
  • 1686-1687 Bezvestnaya Expedition explores the coast of Taymyr Peninsula





  • 2004 Together to the Pole – a Polish four-man expedition led by Marek Kamiński, with Jan Mela (a teenage double amputee, who in the same year reached also the South Pole)
  • 2004 Five members of the Ice Warrior Squad reach the Geomagnetic North Pole, including the first two women in history to do so.
  • 2007 Arktika 2007, Russian submersible descends to the ocean floor below the North Pole.
  • 2007 Top Gear: Polar Special, BBC's Top Gear team are the first to reach the magnetic North Pole in a car.
  • 2008 Alex Hibbert and George Bullard complete Tiso Trans Greenland expedition. The longest fully unsupported expedition in history at 1374 statute miles
  • 2009 MLAE-2009
  • 2013 MLAE-2013

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Further reading

  • To the Arctic, The Story of Northern Exploration from Earliest Times (Jeanette Mirsky, 1997)
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