List of Hindu mythological films

This is an alphabetic list of Hindu mythological films which is based on Puranas and Hindu literature.

Film Subject Year Language
Aadi Velli 1990 Tamil
Ayodhyecha Raja Harishchandra 1932 Marathi
Abhimanyu Abhimanyu 1948 Tamil
Baba Ramdev Ramdevji 1963 Rajasthani
Bajarangbali Hanuman 1976 Hindi
Bal Ganesh Ganesha 2007 Hindi
Balak Dhruv Dhruva 1974 Hindi
Bhagavad Gita Bhagavad Gita 1993 Sanskrit
Bhagwan Parshuram Parshuram 1970 Hindi
Bhakta Prahlada Prahlada 1967 Telugu
Bhookailas (1958 film) 1958 Telugu
Daana Veera Soora Karna Karna 1977 Telugu
Dashavatar Dashavatara 2008 Hindi
Gangavataran River Ganga's descent to earth 1937 Hindi / Marathi
Ghatothkach Ghatotkacha 2008 Multiple languages
Hanuman Hanuman 2005 Hindi
Hanuman Vijay Hanuman 1974 Hindi
Har Har Gange Ganga 1979 Hindi
Har Har Mahadev Shiva 1950 Hindi
Hari Darshan Vishnu 1972 Hindi
Harishchandra Harishchandra 1955 Malayalam
Kanchana Sita Ramayan 1977 Malayalam
Jai Jagannatha Laxmi Puran 2007 Multiple languages
Jai Santoshi Maa Santoshi Mata 1975 Hindi
Kandan Karunai Kartikeya 1967 Tamil
Karnan (film) Karna 1964 Tamil
Keechaka Vadham Kichaka 1918 Silent
Krishna Aur Kans Kamsa 2012 Hindi
Lanka Dahan Ramayan 1917 Silent
Lava Kusa Lava and Kusha 1963 Telugu
Markandeya Markandeya 1935 Tamil
Mayabazar Mahabharata 1957 Tamil / Telugu
Mohini Bhasmasur Mohini and Bhasmasur 1913 Silent
Padai Veetu Amman 2002 Tamil
Raja Harishchandra Harishchandra 1913 Silent
Ram Rajya Ramayan 1943 Hindi
Ramayana: The Epic Ramayan 2010 Multiple languages
Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama Ramayan 1992 Hindi, Japanese , English
Ramayanam Ramayan 1997 Telugu
Sampoorna Ramayana Ramayan 1961 Hindi
Sampoorna Ramayanam Ramayan 1958 Tamil
Sampoorna Ramayanam Ramayan 1971 Telugu
Saraswati Sabatham Saraswati, Lakshmi and Paravati 1966 Tamil
Satya Harishchandra Harishchandra 1943 Kannada
Satya Harishchandra Harishchandra 1951 Nepalese
Satya Harishchandra Harishchandra 1965 Kannada
Satya Harishchandra Harishchandra 1965 Telugu
Satyavadi Raja Harishchandra Harishchandra 1917 Silent
Satyawadi Raja Harishchandra Harishchandra 1917 Silent
Seeta Rama Jananam Ramayan 1944 Telugu
Shri Ram Vanvas Ramayan 1977 Hindi
Sita Sings the Blues Ramayan 2008 English
Sita Swayamvar Ramayan 1976 Hindi
Sri Rama Rajyam Ramayan 2011 Telugu
Sri Venkateswara Mahatyam Venkateswara 1960 Telugu
Thiruvilayadal Shiva 1965 Tamil
Tulsi Vivah Tulsi Vivah 1971 Hindi


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