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List of Iranians

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Title: List of Iranians  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: List of Iran-related topics, List of years in Iran, Iranian, Heidar Arfaa, Hengameh Mofid
Collection: Lists of Iranian People, Lists of People by Ethnicity, Lists of People by Nationality
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of Iranians

This is an alphabetic list of notable people from Iran or its historical predecessors.


  • In the news 1
  • Artists 2
    • Calligraphists 2.1
    • Cartoonists 2.2
    • Barbers 2.3
    • Cinema artists 2.4
      • Actors 2.4.1
      • Directors and filmmakers 2.4.2
      • Film score composers 2.4.3
    • Designers 2.5
      • Fashion designers 2.5.1
      • Graphic designers 2.5.2
    • Entertainers 2.6
      • Comedians 2.6.1
      • Dancers 2.6.2
      • Music video directors 2.6.3
    • Choreographers 2.7
    • Musicians and singers 2.8
      • Classical 2.8.1
        • Iranian Classical/traditional
        • Modern / traditional
        • Western Classical
      • Electronic 2.8.2
      • Pop 2.8.3
      • Rap music 2.8.4
        • Lyricists
      • Rock/metal 2.8.5
    • Painters, illustrators and sculptors 2.9
    • Photographers 2.10
    • Theatre artists 2.11
      • Stage actors and actresses 2.11.1
      • Theatre directors 2.11.2
  • Journalism/media 3
    • Bloggers 3.1
    • Journalists 3.2
    • Television personalities 3.3
  • Leaders and politicians 4
    • Historical (pre-Pahlavi Dynasty) 4.1
    • Modern (post-Qajar) 4.2
      • Pahlavi period 4.2.1
      • Served in Islamic Republic government 4.2.2
      • Not served or opposition 4.2.3
      • Other nations 4.2.4
  • Literature figures 5
    • Authors and poets 5.1
    • Translators 5.2
  • Religious figures 6
  • Royalty 7
  • Scientists, scholars, and academics 8
    • Architects and Mi'mars 8.1
    • Explorers and travellers 8.2
    • Historians, archaeologists and Iranologists 8.3
    • Linguists 8.4
    • Intellectuals and philosophers 8.5
  • Technology 9
    • Video game, visual effects, computer imagery 9.1
  • Sports 10
  • Iranian women 11
  • Other 12
    • Famous Armenians of Iran 12.1
    • Famous Assyrians of Iran 12.2
    • Famous Americans in Iran 12.3
    • Famous Germans in Iran 12.4
    • Famous Iranians in America 12.5
    • Famous Iranians in Canada 12.6
    • Famous Iranians in Britain 12.7
    • Famous Iranians in Germany 12.8
    • Iranians in Australia 12.9
    • Iranians in the Netherlands 12.10
    • Iranians in Sweden 12.11
    • Iranians in Egypt 12.12
    • Famous Iranians in Pakistan 12.13
    • Famous Iranians in India 12.14
    • Persian Roman Catholic saints 12.15
  • See also 13
  • References 14

In the news





Cinema artists


Directors and filmmakers

Film score composers


Fashion designers

Graphic designers




Music video directors


Musicians and singers


Iranian Classical/traditional
Modern / traditional
Western Classical



(Sorted according to the first letter of the most famous name)

Rap music



Painters, illustrators and sculptors


Theatre artists

Stage actors and actresses

Theatre directors




Television personalities

Leaders and politicians

The list here excludes the royalty. An extensive list of Persian royalty appears further down in this page.

See also Ministerial Head of Government in Iran Heads of Government of Iran (1699-1907) and List of Prime Ministers of Iran.

Historical (pre-Pahlavi Dynasty)

Modern (post-Qajar)

Pahlavi period

Served in Islamic Republic government

Not served or opposition

Other nations

Literature figures

Authors and poets


Religious figures

See List of Marjas.
See List of Ayatollahs.


See comprehensive list of Persian/Iranian royalty.

Scientists, scholars, and academics

See comprehensive List of Iranian scientists and engineers of the pre-modern age.

See comprehensive List of Iranian scientists and engineers of the modern age.

Architects and Mi'mars

Explorers and travellers

Historians, archaeologists and Iranologists


Intellectuals and philosophers


Video game, visual effects, computer imagery


Aadel kardooni professional rugby union for Leicester Tigers and England "A"

Iranian women

See separate articles: Persian woman and List of Persian women.


Famous Armenians of Iran

Famous Assyrians of Iran

Famous Americans in Iran

Famous Germans in Iran

Famous Iranians in America

See separate article: List of Iranian Americans.

Famous Iranians in Canada

See article: Iranian-Canadian

Famous Iranians in Britain

List of British Iranians

Famous Iranians in Germany

Iranians in Germany

Iranians in Australia

Iranian Australian

Iranians in the Netherlands

Iranians in the Netherlands

Iranians in Sweden

Iranians in Sweden

Iranians in Egypt

Famous Iranians in Pakistan

Famous Iranians in India

See articles: Parsis or Iranian peoples

Persian Roman Catholic saints

See article List of Persian Roman Catholic saints

See also


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