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List of amphibians of India

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Title: List of amphibians of India  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Fauna of India, Biosphere reserves of India, Conservation areas of India, Communal forests of India, Flora of India
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List of amphibians of India

This is an index to the amphibians found in India. The amphibians of India show a high level of endemism.[1] This list is based largely on Frost (2006)[2] and includes common names from older books and journals.[3][4][5]

Some Indian frogs

Order Anura

Family Bufonidae

Family Ceratobatrachidae

  • Ingerana charlesdarwini (Das, 1998) =Rana charlesdarwini

Family Dicroglossidae



Family Hylidae

Family Megophryidae

Family Micrixalidae

Family Microhylidae

Family Nyctibatrachidae

Family Petropedetidae

Family Ranidae

Family Rhacophoridae

Family Sooglossidae

Order Gymnophiona

The list of Indian caecilians is based on Giri & Gaikwad (2013) (duly amended):[12]

Family Caeciliidae

Gegeneophis spp.

Indotyphlus spp.

Family Chikilidae

Family Ichthyophiidae

Ichthyophis sp. from the Western Ghats
Ichthyophis spp.[17]

Uraeotyphlus spp.

Order Urodela

Tylototriton verrucosus

Family Salamandridae


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