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List of butterflies of Karnataka

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Title: List of butterflies of Karnataka  
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Subject: List of butterflies of India, Karnataka
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List of butterflies of Karnataka

This is a list of butterfly species found in Karnataka State. In this state about 318 species of butterflies have been recorded.

  • Papilionidae—Swallowtail Butterflies (19 species)
  • Pieridae—Yellow-White Butterflies (29 species)
  • Nymphalidae—Brush-Footed Butterflies (92 species)
  • Lycaenidae—Blues, hairstreaks and Gossamer-Winged Butterflies (98 species)
  • Hesperiidae—Skipper Butterflies (80 species)


Family Papilionidae

Subfamily Papilioninae

Genus Graphium (Pathysa)—The Swordtails, Zebras


Genus Graphium (Graphium)—The Bluebottles and Jays

Genus Atrophaneura (Pachliopta)—The Roses

Genus Troides—The Birdwings

Genus Papilio (Chilasa)—The Mimes

Genus Papilio (Papilio)—The Swallowtails

Family Pieridae

There are 34 species recorded.

Subfamily Pierinae—The Whites

Genus Pieris, The Whites

Genus Anaphaeis—The Pioneers

Genus Cepora—The Gulls

Genus Ixias—The Indian Orange Tips

Genus Delias—The Jezebels

Genus Prioneris—The Sawtooths

Genus Appias—The Puffins and Albatrosses

Genus Leptosia—The Psyche

Genus Hebomoia—The Great Orange Tip

Genus Colotis—The Arabs

Genus Pareronia—The Wanderers

Subfamily Coliadinae—The Yellows

Genus Catopsilia—The Emigrants

Genus Eurema—The Grass Yellows

Genus Colias—The Clouded Yellows

Family Nymphalidae

Subfamily Libytheinae

Genus Libythea—The Beaks

Subfamily Danainae

Genus Parantica—The Glassy Tigers

Genus Tirumala—The Blue Tigers

Genus Danaus—The Tigers

Genus Euploea—The Crows

Genus Idea—The Tree Nymphs

Subfamily Charaxinae

Genus Charaxes—The Rajahs

Genus Polyura—The Nawabs

Subfamily Morphinae

Genus Discophora—The Duffers

Subfamily Satyrinae

Genus Mycalesis—The Bushbrowns

Genus Lethe—The Treebrowns

Genus Ypthima—The Rings

Genus Zipaetis—The Catseyes

Genus Orsotriaena—The Nigger

  • Nigger Orsotriaena medus (Fabricius, 1775)

Genus Melanitis—The Evening Browns

Genus Elymnias—The Palmflies

Subfamily Heliconiinae

Genus Vindula—The Cruiser

  • Cruiser Vindula erota Fabricius, 1793

Genus Cirrochroa—The Yeomen

Genus Cupha—The Rustic

  • Rustic Cupha erymanthis (Drury, 1773)

Genus Phalanta—The Leopards

Genus Argynnis—The Fritillaries

Genus Cethosia—The lacewings

Subfamily Acraeinae

Genus Acraea—The Tawny Coster

Subfamily Limenitidinae

Genus Limenitis—The Admirals

Genus Athyma—The Sergeants

Genus Pantoporia—The Lascars

Genus Neptis—The Sailers

Genus Parthenos—The Clipper

  • Clipper Parthenos sylvia (Cramer, 1775)

Genus Euthalia—The Barons

Genus Tanaecia—The Counts

Genus Dophla—The Dukes

Subfamily Cyrestinae

Genus Cyrestis—The Map Butterflies

Subfamily Biblidinae

Genus Ariadne—The Castors

Genus Byblia—The Joker

  • Joker Byblia ilithyia (Drury, 1773)

Subfamily Apaturinae

Genus Rohana

Genus Euripus—The Courtesans

Subfamily Nymphalinae

Genus Vanessa—Admirals, Painted Lady

Genus Kaniska

Genus Junonia—The Pansies

Genus Hypolimnas—The Eggflies

Genus Kallima—The Oakleafs

Genus Doleschallia—The Autumn Leaf

  • Autumnleaf Doleschallia bisaltide malabarica (Cramer, 1777)

Family Lycaenidae

Genus Abisara, The Judies

Genus Logania—The Mottles

  • Mottle Logania distanti Semper, 1889.

Genus Spalgis—The Apefly

  • Apefly Spalgis epius (Westwood, 1851) (L6.1)

Genus Talicada—The Red Pierrot

Genus Castalius—The Common Pierrot

Genus Caleta—The Angled Pierrot

Genus Discolampa—The Banded Blue Pierrot

Genus Tarucus—The Blue Pierrots

Genus Syntarucus—The Zebra Blue

Genus Azanus—The Babul Blues

Genus Neopithecops—The Quaker

  • Quaker Neopithecops zalmora Butler 1870 (L15.1)

Genus Megisba—The Malayan

  • Malayan Megisba malaya (Horsfield, 1828) (H20.1, p. 220)

Genus Celastrina—The Hedge Blues

Genus Acytolepis—The Hedge Blues

Genus Akasinula—The White Hedge Blue

Genus Cyaniris—The Hedge Blues

Genus Chilades—The Lime Blue

Genus Zizeeria—The Grass Blues

Genus Pseudozizeeria—The Pale Grass Blue

Genus Zizula—The Tiny Grass Blue

Genus Freyeria—The Grass Jewel

Genus Euchrysops—The Gram Blues

  • Gram Blue Euchrysops cnejus (Fabricius, 1798) (L23.1)

Genus Edales—The Plains Cupid

Genus Anthene—The Ciliate Blues

Genus Catochrysops—The Forget-me-nots

Genus Lampides—The Ceruleans and the Peablue

  • Peablue Lampides boeticus (Linnaeus, 1767) (L26.1)

Genus Jamides—The Ceruleans

Genus Nacaduba—The Lineblues

Genus Prosotas—The Lineblues

Genus Petrelea—The Dingy Lineblue

Genus Curetis—The Sunbeams

Genus Iraota—The Silverstreak Blues

Genus Horsfieldia—The Leaf Blue

Genus Thaduka—The Many-tailed Oak-Blue

Genus Arhopala—The Oakblues

Genus Nilasera—The Oakblues

Genus Panchala—The Oakblues

Genus Narathura—The Tamil Oakblue

Genus Surendra—The Acacia Blue

Genus Zinaspa—The Silver Streaked Acacia Blue

Genus Loxura—The Yamfly

  • Yamfly Loxura atymnus (Cramer, 1782) (L48.1)

Genus Spindasis—The Silverlines

Genus Aphnaeus—The Silverlines

Genus Zesius—The Redspot

Genus Pratapa—The Tufted Royals

Genus Ancema—The Royals

Genus Creon—The Broadtail Royal

Genus Tajuria—The Royals

Genus Ops—The Branded Royal

Genus Charana—The Mandarin Blues

Genus Cheritra—The Common Imperial

Genus Rathinda—The Monkeypuzzle

Genus Horaga—The Onyxs

Genus Catapaecilma—The Common Tinsel

Genus Chliaria—The Tits

Genus Zeltus—The Fluffy Tit

Genus Deudorix—The Cornelians

Genus Virachola—The Guava Blues

Genus Rapala—The Flashes

Genus Vadebra—The Malabar Flash

Genus Bindahara—The Plane

  • Plane Bindahara phocides (Fabricius, 1793) (L74.1)

Family Hesperiidae


Genus Badamia—The Brown Awl

  • Brown Awl Badamia exclamationis (Fabricius, 1775)

Genus Bibasis—The Orange Tailed Awl

Genus Choaspes—The Awlkings

Genus Hasora—The Awls


Genus Aeromachus—The Scrub Hoppers

Genus Ampittia—The Bush Hoppers

Genus Arnetta—The Bobs

Genus Baoris—The Swifts

Genus Baracus—Hedge Hoppers

Genus Pseudoborbo—Bevan's Swift

Genus Borbo—The Swifts

Genus Caltoris—The Swifts

Genus Cupitha—The Wax Dart

  • Wax Dart Cupitha purreea (Moore, 1877)

Genus Erionota—The Palm Redeye

Genus Gangara—The Giant Redeye

Genus Halpe—The Aces

Genus Matapa—The Branded Redeye

Genus Notocrypta—The Demons

Genus Parnara

Genus Pelopidas—The Branded Swifts

Genus Polytremis

Genus Potanthus—The Darts

Genus Psolos—The Coon

  • Coon Psolos fuligo (Mabille, 1876)

Genus Quedara

Genus Salanoemia—The Lancer

Genus Sovia

Genus Suastus—The Palm Bob

Genus Taractrocera—The Grass Darts

Genus Telicota—The Palm Darts

Genus Cephrenes

Genus Thoressa—The Aces

Genus Udaspes—The Grass Demon

Genus Hyarotis—The Flitters

Genus Oriens—The Dartlets


Genus Caprona —The Angles

Genus Celaenorrhinus—The Flat

Genus Cogia

Genus Coladenia—The PiedFlats

Genus Gerosis—The White Flat

Genus Gomalia

Genus Odontoptilum—The Angles

Genus Sarangesa—The Small Flats

Genus Spialia —The Grizzled Skippers

Genus Tagiades—The Snow Flats

Genus Tapena—The Angles


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