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List of cities in the Dominican Republic


List of cities in the Dominican Republic

Cities in the Dominican Republic, in accordance with the definition of urban population for purposes of the 2002 census,[1] are the urban centers and seats (cabeceras literally heads) of municipalities (municipios singular municipio), the second level political and administrative subdivisions of the country, or of municipal districts (distritos municipales) within them.


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Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo may refer to Santo Dominigo de Guzmán, the sole municipality of the Distrito Nacional, or the metropolitan area of Santo Domingo spread over several municipalities, which as such is not an administrative or political entity. The 2002 census does not give data for metropolitan areas. Sources give different figures for the metropolitan areas population as of 2002 ranging from 1,887,586[2] to 2,054,516[3] or 1,840,000 (2000).[4] As the law about the creation of the Santo Domingo province, split from the Distrito Nacional in 2001, does refer to the cities of Santo Dominigo de Guzmán, Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo Norte and Santo Domingo Oeste as former parts of the city of Santo Domingo for comparison the aggregated population of this cities is given as Santo Domingo (metropolitan) in the following table.[5][6]

Cities with population figures

The following is a table of cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants in the Dominican Republic. Population figures are as of the 2002 census. Cities which were at this time the seats of municipal districts and not municipalities are denoted with (D.M.).[1] Administrative changes concerning the listed cities up to June 2006 are noted.[7]

City Province Population Notes June 2006
Greater Santo Domingo Distrito Nacional, Santo Domingo 3,813,214 For comparison only
Santo Domingo de Guzmán Distrito Nacional 2,987,013
Santiago de los Caballeros Santiago 1,329,091 three additional municipal districts
Santo Domingo Este Santo Domingo 624,704 One additional municipal district
Santo Domingo Norte Santo Domingo 286,912
Santo Domingo Oeste Santo Domingo 701,847
San Felipe de Puerto Plata Puerto Plata 277,981 One additional municipal district
San Pedro de Macorís San Pedro de Macorís 193,713 One new municipality created
La Romana La Romana 191,303 One additional municipal district, also one new municipality created
Los Alcarrizos (D.M.) Santo Domingo 166,930 Municipality with two municipal districts
San Francisco de Macoris Duarte 163,980
San Cristóbal San Cristóbal 137,422 One additional municipal district
Salvaleón de Higüey La Altagracia 103,502
Concepción de la Vega La Vega 220,279 One additional municipal district
Santa Cruz de Barahona Barahona 74,958 One additional municipal district
Bonao Monseñor Nouel 72,821 Three additional municipal districts
San Juan de la Maguana San Juan 70,969 Eight additional municipal districts
Baní Peravia 61,864 Four additional municipal districts
Bajos de Haina San Cristóbal 61,400
Moca Espaillat 59,174 Five additional municipal districts
Azua de Compostela Azua 56,453 Eight additional municipal districts
Mao Valverde 47,828
Boca Chica Santo Domingo 46,385 One additional municipal district
Cotuí Sánchez Ramírez 42,115 One additional municipal district
Esperanza Valverde 41,189 One additional municipal district
Villa Altagracia San Cristóbal 36,791 Three additional municipal districts
Hato Mayor del Rey Hato Mayor 34,006
Nagua María Trinidad Sánchez 32,035 Two additional municipal districts
Villa Bisonó Santiago 29,723
Jarabacoa La Vega 27,370 One additional municipal district
Constanza La Vega 27,090 One additional municipal district
Consuelo San Pedro de Macorís 25,034
Pedro Brand (D.M.) Santo Domingo 22,695 Municipality with two municipal districts
Santa Cruz del Seibo El Seibo 22,489 One additional municipal district
Tamboril Santiago 21,939
Las Matas de Farfán San Juan 21,271 One additional municipal district
San José de Ocoa San José de Ocoa 21,226 Two additional municipal districts
Bayaguana Monte Plata 19,351
Hato del Yaque (D.M.) Santiago 18,354
Neyba Baoruco 18,305
Dajabón Dajabón 16,328 One additional municipal district
Sabana Grande de Boyá Monte Plata 16,291
San Ignacio de Sabaneta Santiago Rodríguez 16,270
Quisqueya San Pedro de Macorís 15,912
San Fernando de Monte Cristi Monte Cristi 15,629
Monte Plata Monte Plata 14,850 Two additional municipal districts
Maimón Monseñor Nouel 14,514
Sabana de la Mar Hato Mayor 13,495
La Victoria (D.M.) Santo Domingo 13,112
Cambita Garabitos San Cristóbal 12,519 One additional municipal district
Cabral Barahona 12,175
Duvergé Independencia 12,053 One additional municipal district
Salcedo Hermanas Mirabal Province 11,994 One additional municipal district
San Antonio de Guerra (D.M.) Santo Domingo 11,553 Municipality with one municipal district
Yamasá Monte Plata 11,400
Comendador Elías Piña 11,391 Two additional municipal districts
Villa Vásquez Monte Cristi 11,353
Sánchez Samaná 11,058
Vicente Noble Barahona 10,848 Two additional municipal districts
San Gregorio de Nigua San Cristóbal 10,798
Santa Bárbara de Samaná Samaná 10,692 Three additional municipal districts
Sabana Yegua (D.M.) Azua 10,395 Municipality with two municipal districts
Pedernales Pedernales 10,339 One additional municipal district
La Mata (D.M.) Sánchez Ramírez 10,034 Municipality with two municipal districts


Map of the Dominican Republic

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