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List of current United States governors

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Title: List of current United States governors  
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Subject: Governor (United States), Elections in the United States, Politics of the United States, State governments of the United States, President of the United States
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List of current United States governors

Party affiliation of current United States Governors
  Democratic Governor
  Democratic/Popular Democratic Governor
  Republican Governor
  Independent Governor

The following is a list of incumbent governors of the states, and territories of the United States. There are currently 28 Republicans, 21 Democrats, and one independent that hold the office of governor in the states. Additionally, 3 Democrats (one is also a member of the PPD) and 2 Republicans serve as governors of United States Territories.

State governors

The current term ends in January of the given year for every state except Alaska, Hawaii, and Kentucky, where the term ends in December of the year of election. The notation (term limits) after the year indicates that the current governor is ineligible to seek re-election in that year; the notation (retiring) indicates that the current governor has announced their intention not to seek re-election at the end of the term or to run for another office.

      Democratic       Republican       Independent

State Picture Current Governor Party Prior public experience Took office Term ends Past
Bentley, RobertRobert Bentley Republican Alabama House January 17, 2011 2015 List
Walker, BillBill Walker Independent Mayor of Valdez, Valdez City Council December 1, 2014 2018 List
Brewer, JanJan Brewer Republican Secretary of State, Maricopa County Supervisor, Arizona Senate,
Arizona House
January 21, 2009 2015 (term limits) List
Beebe, MikeMike Beebe Democratic Attorney General, Arkansas Senate January 9, 2007 2015 (term limits) List
Brown, JerryJerry Brown Democratic 34th Governor (1975-1983), Attorney General, Mayor of Oakland,
Secretary of State
January 3, 2011 2015 List
Hickenlooper, JohnJohn Hickenlooper Democratic Mayor of Denver January 11, 2011 2015 List
Malloy, DannelDannel Malloy Democratic Mayor of Stamford January 5, 2011 2015 List
Markell, JackJack Markell Democratic Treasurer January 20, 2009 2017 (term limits) List
Scott, RickRick Scott Republican No prior public experience January 4, 2011 2015 List
Deal, NathanNathan Deal Republican Georgia Senate January 10, 2011 2015 List
Ige, DavidDavid Ige Democratic Hawaii Senate, Hawaii House December 1, 2014 2018 List
Otter, ButchButch Otter Republican U.S. House, Lieutenant Governor, Idaho House January 1, 2007 2015 List
Quinn, PatPat Quinn Democratic Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer January 29, 2009 2015 (defeated) List
Pence, MikeMike Pence Republican U.S. House January 14, 2013 2017 List
Branstad, TerryTerry Branstad Republican 39th Governor (1983-1999), Lieutenant Governor, Iowa House January 14, 2011 2015 List
Brownback, SamSam Brownback Republican U.S. Senate, U.S. House, Kansas Secretary of Agriculture January 10, 2011 2015 List
Beshear, SteveSteve Beshear Democratic Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Kentucky House December 11, 2007 2015 (term limits) List
Jindal, BobbyBobby Jindal Republican U.S. House January 14, 2008 2016 (term limits) List
LePage, PaulPaul LePage Republican Mayor of Waterville January 5, 2011 2015 List
O'Malley, MartinMartin O'Malley Democratic Mayor of Baltimore January 17, 2007 2015 (term limits) List
Patrick, DevalDeval Patrick Democratic United States Assistant Attorney General January 4, 2007 2015 (retiring) List
Snyder, RickRick Snyder Republican No prior public experience January 1, 2011 2015 List
Dayton, MarkMark Dayton Democratic U.S. Senate, Auditor January 3, 2011 2015 List
Bryant, PhilPhil Bryant Republican Lieutenant Governor, Auditor, Mississippi House January 10, 2012 2016 List
Nixon, JayJay Nixon Democratic Attorney General, Missouri Senate January 12, 2009 2017 (term limits) List
Bullock, SteveSteve Bullock Democratic Attorney General January 7, 2013 2017 List
Heineman, DaveDave Heineman Republican Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer January 20, 2005 2015 (term limits) List
Sandoval, BrianBrian Sandoval Republican U.S. District Court Judge, Attorney General, Nevada Assembly January 3, 2011 2015 List
Hassan, MaggieMaggie Hassan Democratic New Hampshire Senate January 3, 2013 2015 List
Christie, ChrisChris Christie Republican United States Attorney, Morris County Freeholder January 19, 2010 2018 (term limits) List
Martinez, SusanaSusana Martinez Republican District Attorney of Doña Ana County January 1, 2011 2015 List
Cuomo, AndrewAndrew Cuomo Democratic Attorney General, U.S. Secretary of HUD January 1, 2011 2015 List
McCrory, PatPat McCrory Republican Mayor of Charlotte January 5, 2013 2017 List
Dalrymple, JackJack Dalrymple Republican Lieutenant Governor, North Dakota House December 7, 2010 2016 List
Kasich, JohnJohn Kasich Republican U.S. House, Ohio Senate January 10, 2011 2015 List
Fallin, MaryMary Fallin Republican U.S. House, Lieutenant Governor, Oklahoma House January 10, 2011 2015 List
Kitzhaber, JohnJohn Kitzhaber Democratic 35th Governor (1995-2003), Oregon Senate January 10, 2011 2015 List
Corbett, TomTom Corbett Republican Attorney General, United States Attorney January 18, 2011 2015 (defeated) List
Chafee, LincolnLincoln Chafee Democratic U.S. Senate, Mayor of Warwick January 4, 2011 2015 (retiring) List
Haley, NikkiNikki Haley Republican South Carolina House January 12, 2011 2015 List
Daugaard, DennisDennis Daugaard Republican Lieutenant Governor, South Dakota Senate January 8, 2011 2015 List
Haslam, BillBill Haslam Republican Mayor of Knoxville January 15, 2011 2015 List
Perry, RickRick Perry Republican Lieutenant Governor, Agriculture Commissioner, Texas House December 21, 2000 2015 (retiring) List
Herbert, GaryGary Herbert Republican Lieutenant Governor, Utah County Commissioner August 11, 2009 2017 List
Shumlin, PeterPeter Shumlin Democratic Vermont Senate, Vermont House January 6, 2011 2015 List
McAuliffe, TerryTerry McAuliffe Democratic No prior public experience January 11, 2014 2018 (term limits) List
Inslee, JayJay Inslee Democratic U.S. House, Washington House January 16, 2013 2017 List
Tomblin, Earl RayEarl Ray Tomblin Democratic Lieutenant Governor, West Virginia Senate, West Virginia House November 15, 2010 2017 (term limits) List
Walker, ScottScott Walker Republican Executive of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Assembly January 3, 2011 2015 List
Mead, MattMatt Mead Republican United States Attorney January 3, 2011 2015 List

United States Territories and the District of Columbia

The following are governors and other executives of each of the territories, and the District of Columbia:

      Democratic       Republican       Independent

Territory Picture Current Executive Party Prior experience Took Office Term ends Past
Moliga, Lolo Letalu MatalasiLolo Letalu Matalasi Moliga Independent American Samoa Senate, American Samoa House of Representatives January 3, 2013 2017 List
Gray, VincentVincent Gray Democratic District of Columbia Council Chair January 2, 2011 2015 (defeated in primary) List
Calvo, EddieEddie Calvo Republican Legislature of Guam January 3, 2011 2015 List
Inos, EloyEloy Inos Republican Lieutenant Governor February 20, 2013 2015 List
García Padilla, AlejandroAlejandro García Padilla Popular Democratic/
Puerto Rico Senate January 2, 2013 2017 List
Jongh, John deJohn de Jongh Democratic Governor's Commissioner of Finance January 1, 2007 2015 (term limits) List

* Executive of D.C. is titled "Mayor".

List of current governors-elect

The following is a list of governors elected on November 4, 2014, and who will be taking office between December 2014 and January 2015.

      Democratic       Republican       Independent

State Picture Governor-elect Party Prior public experience Taking office
Ducey, DougDoug Ducey Republican Treasurer January 5, 2015
Hutchinson, AsaAsa Hutchinson Republican Undersecretary of Homeland Security for Border & Transportation Security, Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. House, U.S. Attorney January 13, 2015
Rauner, BruceBruce Rauner Republican No prior public experience January 12, 2015
Hogan, LarryLarry Hogan Republican Maryland Secretary of Appointments January 21, 2015
Baker, CharlieCharlie Baker Republican Swampscott Selectman, Massachusetts Secretary of Administration and Finance, Massachusetts Secretary of Health and Human Services January 8, 2015
Ricketts, PetePete Ricketts Republican No prior public experience January 8, 2015
Wolf, TomTom Wolf Democratic Pennsylvania Secretary of Revenue January 20, 2015
Raimondo, GinaGina Raimondo Democratic Treasurer January 6, 2015
Abbott, GregGreg Abbott Republican Attorney General, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court January 20, 2015
Bowser, MurielMuriel Bowser Democratic Council of the District of Columbia January 2, 2015
Mapp, KennethKenneth Mapp Independent Lieutenant Governor, Legislature of the Virgin Islands January 5, 2015

* Executive of D.C. is titled "Mayor".

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