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List of metal festivals

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Title: List of metal festivals  
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List of metal festivals

This is a list of heavy metal festivals ordered by country.


Angola Huambo Rock Festival September 2013







Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Sarajevo Metal Fest




  • Altavoz
  • Festival Convivencia Rock - Pereira
  • Manizales Grita Rock
  • Rock al parque

Costa Rica

  • Festival Siembra y Lucha



  • Burning Sea Festival
  • Underwall Festival


  • Power of the Night Festival

Czech Republic










  • Eistnaflug


  • Bangalore Open Air


  • Bandung Berisik - Bandung, West Java (Jawa Barat)
  • Rock In Solo - Solo, Central Java (Jawa Tengah)
  • Hammersonic International Festival - Jakarta Indonesia









  • KL MetalCamp


  • Shellshock Metal Fest
  • Xtreme Metal Assault
  • The Malta Doom Metal Festival
  • Malta Death Fest which also featured a popular person over Youtube, InfidelAmsterdam, who was invited as a guest at the festival. This festival was hosted by the lead vocalist of a local Maltese Death Metal band, Beheaded, Frank Calleja.



  • Brutal Basarabia[1]




  • Silence Festival
  • Nepfest


  • Very 'Eavy festival Stadskanaal

New Zealand





Puerto Rico









United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States

Festival Name Location Year Started Status Approx. Time of Year No. of days Approx. No. of bands Predominate Genres
70000 Tons of Metal (Cruise ship) Miami, FL to various locations in the Caribbean 2011 Active January 5 40 thrash, power, folk, death, black metal
Alehorn of Power Chicago, Illinois 2006 Active various 1 6 doom, black, power metal
Barge to Hell (Cruise ship) Miami, Florida to various locations in the Caribbean 2012 Last festival - 2012 December 5 40 thrash, power, folk, death, black metal
Bay Area Rock Fest San Francisco, California 2007 Last festival - 2008 spring 2 12
Born Too Late Rochester, NY 2003 Last festival - 2009 August 1 12 doom, stoner, sludge metal
Brutiful Metal Fest Fort Worth, Texas 2012 Active late June 2 11
California Metalfest Anaheim, CA 2007 Last festival - 2012 November 1 30 metalcore, hardcore, metal
Central Illinois Metalfest Urbana, IL 2003 Last festival - 2012 July 2 30 death, black, thrash, grind
Chaos in Tejas Austin, Texas 2004 Active May/June 4 130 death metal, grindcore, hardcore
Chicago Powerfest Mokena, Illinois 2000 Last festival - 2009 April/May 3 16 power, folk, Viking metal
Dame-Nation Chicago, Illinois 2010 Active various 1 30 rock and metal with female lead vocalists
Day Of The Doomed Fest Kenosha, WI 2011 Active June 2 20 doom, stoner, sludge metal
Delaware Deathfest Wilmington, DE 2012 Active October 4–5 3 30 death metal
Denver Black Sky Denver, CO 2013 Active December 1 20 death, black, thrash metal
Destroying Texas Fest Houston, Texas 2006 Active November 1 8 black, death metal
Emissions from the Monolith Youngstown, Ohio/Chicago, Illinois/Austin, Texas 2000 Last festival - 2007 late May 3 30 doom, stoner, sludge metal
Flight of the Valkyries St. Paul, MN/Baltimore, MD 2007 Last festival - 2011 November 1 8 metal with female lead vocalists
Florida Powerfest DeLand, Florida 2009 Last festival - 2010 December 1 20 power metal
Goth Stock Hartford, Connecticut 2005 Last festival - 2005 September 2 40 gothic rock and metal
Heathen Crusade Metalfest Minneapolis, Minnesota 2006 Last festival - 2008 January 1 20 Viking, folk metal
Hostile City Death Fest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2009 Last festival - 2010 August 3 40 death metal, grindcore
Indianapolis Metal Fest Indianapolis, Indiana 2011 Active September 2 40 death, black, thrash metal
Las Vegas Death Fest  Las Vegas, NV 2009 Active June 2 40 death metal
Los Angeles Murderfest Hollywood, California 2005 Last festival - 2009 May 2 30 death metal
Martyrdoom Festival New York City, NY 2012 Active late June 2 30 black, death metal
Maryland Deathfest Baltimore, MD 2003 Active end of May 4 60 death, black, doom, grind
Milwaukee Metal Fest Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1987 Last festival - 2007 July/August 2 50 death, thrash, black, doom metal
New England Deathfest Providence, RI 2009 Last festival - 2009 August 2 30 death metal
New England Metal and Hardcore Festival Worcester, MA 1999 Active April/May 4 80 death metal, metalcore, hardcore
New Jersey Deathfest Stanhope, New Jersey 2009 Active October 2 20 death metal
New Jersey March Metal Meltdown Irvington, NJ 1999 Last festival - 2004 March 2 45 death, black, thrash, grind
Nightmare Metal Fest San Antonio, TX 2008 Last festival - 2009 March 1 10 power metal
Nordic Midsummer Fest Kent, Ohio 2013 Active June 1 13 Viking, folk, death metal
Northern Wisconsin Metalfest Lake Nebagamon, WI 2004 Active September 2 30
Northwest Death Fest Seattle, WA 2004 Last festival - 2006 September 1 20 death, black, thrash, grind
Northwestern Black Circle Festival Portland, Oregon 2009 Active August 3 30 black, death metal
Pathfinder Metalfest Atlanta, GA 2007 Active July/November 1 7
ProgPower USA Atlanta, Georgia 2001 Active early September 3 20 power, progressive, traditional
Ragnarökkr Metal Apocalypse Chicago, Illinois 2011 Active May 2 25 heavy, traditional metal
Rites of Darkness San Antonio, TX 2010 Last festival - 2011 December 3 30 black, death metal
Robot Mosh Fest Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2001 Last festival - 2008 June 2 25 metalcore, hardcore, metal
Rock on the Range Columbus, Ohio 2007 Active May 3 50 nu metal, metalcore
Saints & Sinners Festival Asbury Park, New Jersey 2006 Last festival - 2007 November 2 40 nu metal, metalcore
Scion Rock Fest Memphis, Tennessee/various 2009 Active March/June 1 30 death metal, grindcore, doom metal, metalcore
Seattle Metal Fest Seattle, Washington 2004 Last festival - 2007 January 1 10
Shiprocked (cruise ship) Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2009 Active January 5 20 nu metal, metalcore
Slaughter By The Water San Francisco, California 2010 Last festival - 2012 August 1 20 death, thrash metal
Something Bloody Festival Providence, Rhode Island 2013 Active July 2 30 death, black, thrash, grind
Stella Natura: The Light of Ancestral Fires  Cisco Grove, California 2012 Active September 3 50 folk and experimental music, black, doom metal
Stoner Hands of DOOM  Richmond, Virginia/New London, CT 2001 Active September 4 50 doom, stoner, sludge metal
The Black Kvlt Fest Miami, Florida 2013 Active October 1 20 black, death metal
Tidal Wave San Francisco, California 2000 Active July 2 15 death, doom metal
Warriors Of Metal Festival Open Air Pataskala, OH 2008 Active June 2 30 heavy, power, progressive, thrash metal
West Texas Death Fest  Amarillo, TX 2009 Active March 2 30 death metal


  • Gillmanfest


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  • [1]


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