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List of mountains on Mars by height

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Title: List of mountains on Mars by height  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Anseris Mons, Pavonis Mons, Arsia Mons, Ascraeus Mons, Olympus Mons
Collection: Lists of Extraterrestrial Mountains, Mountains on Mars
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of mountains on Mars by height

This is a list of mountains on Mars by height above mean surface level. The listed elevations are relative to the Martian datum (the elevation defined as zero by average martian atmospheric pressure and planet radius). Elevation is not the height above the surrounding terrain.

  • A mons (plural montes) is a term used in astrogeology to name extraterrestrial mountains and may or may not be of volcanic origin.
  • A patera refers to the dish-shaped depression atop a volcano that is not very high compared to its diameter.
  • A tholus (pl. tholi) is the term used in astrogeology to describe a small domical mountain or hill.
  • Listed mons elevation is the highest point (at 16 pixels/degree) within the feature.
  • Listed patera elevation is the average elevation of the shallow dish-shaped depression (the actual 'patera') at the summit.

Notable extreme elevations on Earth and Venus are included (in bold and Italics) for comparison, where the given elevations are relative to mean sea level.

Name Elevation (m) Elevation (feet)
Olympus Mons (formerly Nix Olympica) 21,171 69,459
Ascraeus Mons 18,209 59,741
Arsia Mons 17,779 58,330
Pavonis Mons 14,037 46,939
Elysium Mons 13,862 45,479
Maxwell Montes, Venus (tallest mountain on Venus) 11,000 36,000
Mauna Kea, Earth (height from ocean floor) 10,203 33,476
Mount Everest, Earth 8,848 29,029
Tharsis Tholus 8,000-9,000 26,000-29,000
Biblis Tholus (formerly Patera) 7,198 23,616
Alba Mons (formerly Patera) 6,815 22,359
Ulysses Tholus (formerly Patera) 5,863 19,236
Mount sharp (formerly, "Aeolis Mons")[1][2][3][4] 5,500 18,000
Uranius Mons (formerly Patera) 4,853 15,922
Anseris Mons 3,959 12,989
Hadriacus Mons (formerly Hadriaca Patera) 3,959 12,989
Euripus Mons 3,945 12,943
Tyrrhenus Mons (formerly Tyrrhena Patera) 3,920 12,861
Promethei Mons 3,789 12,431
Chronius Mons 3,240 10,630
Apollinaris Mons (formerly Patera) 3,155 10,351
Gonnus Mons 2,937 9,636
Syrtis Major Planum 2,300 7,546
Amphitrites Patera 2,066 6,778
Nili Patera 2,036 6,680
Pityusa Patera 1,877 6,158
Malea Patera 1,313 4,308
Peneus Patera 1,276 4,186
Labeatis Mons 1,143 3,750
Issedon Paterae 826 2,710
Pindus Mons 704 2,310
Meroe Patera 542 1,778
Dead Sea, Earth -420 -1,378
Orcus Patera -764 -2,507
Oceanidum Mons -1,277 -4,190
Horarum Mons -2,325 -7,628
Peraea Mons -2,470 -8,104
Bentley Subglacial Trench, Earth -2,555 -8,383
Octantis Mons -2,731 -8,960
Diana Chasma, Venus -2,900 -9,504
Galaxius Mons -3,972 -13,031
Hellas Planitia -7,152 -23,465
Challenger Deep, Earth -10,924 -35,840

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