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List of newspapers in Estonia

Below is a list of newspapers in Estonia.

Newspaper Type Published Distribution Circulation Year
Language Publisher Website
Äripäev National Daily Estonia Estonian [1]
Aseri Valla Leht Local Monthly Aseri Parish Estonian Aseri Parish [2]
The Baltic Guide Free tourist guide Estonia English, Estonian,
Finnish, Swedish
Awwinorm Local Monthly Avinurme Parish Estonian Avinurme Parish [4]
The Baltic Times Weekly 1996 English [5]
Baltische Rundschau German [6]
Delovye Vedomosti
(Деловые ведомости)
National Estonia Russian [7]
Den za Dnyom
(День за днём)
National Estonia Russian [8]
Eesti Ekspress National Estonia Estonian [9]
Eesti Kirik Estonia Estonian EELC [10]
Eesti Päevaleht National Daily Estonia Estonian [11]
Elva Postipoiss Local Weekly Elva Estonian [12]
Polyana (Поляна)
Political Estonia Estonian, Russian Estonian Greens [13]
Haaslava Teataja Local Haaslava Parish Estonian [14]
Harju Elu Regional Harju County Estonian [15]
Hiiu Leht Regional Biweekly Hiiu County Estonian [16]
Hiiu Nädal Regional Weekly Hiiu County Estonian [17]
Järva Teataja Regional Järva County Estonian [18]
Kaiu Valla Teataja Local Kaiu Parish Estonian Kaiu Parish [19]
Kaldad Local Tori Parish Estonian Tori Parish [20]
Kareda Vallaleht Local Monthly Kareda Parish Estonian Kareda Parish [21]
Kesknädal Political Weekly Estonia Estonian Estonian Centre Party [22]
KesKus Monthly Estonia 1999 Estonian [23]
Kihnu Leht Local Monthly Kihnu Parish Estonian Kihnu Parish [24]
Kindel Sõna Political Estonia Estonian IRL [25]
Kirde Eskpress Regional Ida-Viru County
Koduvald Local Monthly? Kambja Parish Estonian Kambja Parish [26]
Koit Regional Põlva County Estonian [27]
Kuldkinga Teataja Tartu Estonian Tartu Nature House [28]
Kuldne Börs National Estonia Estonian [29]
Kuressaare Sõnumid Local Bimonthly Kuressaare Estonian Kuressaare [30]
Kuulutaja Regional Weekly Lääne-Viru County Estonian [31]
Lääne Elu Regional Lääne County Estonian [32]
Laekvere Valla Sõnumid Local Monthly Laekvere Parish 1996 Estonian Laekvere Parish [33]
Leole Local Monthly Suure-Jaani Parish Estonian Suure-Jaani Parish [34]
Linnaleht Weekly Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu Estonian, Russian [35]
LõunaLeht Regional Weekly Southern Estonia 2002 Estonian [36]
Lõuna-Mulgimaa Local Monthly Halliste Parish Estonian Halliste Parish [37]
Maaleht National Estonia Estonian [38]
Maaülikool Tartu Estonian Estonian University of Life Sciences
Mäetaguse Elu Local Monthly Mäetaguse Parish Estonian Mäetaguse Parish [39]
Märjamaa Nädalaleht Local Weekly Märjamaa Parish Estonian Märjamaa Parish [40]
Meditsiiniuudised Medicinal news Estonian [41]
Meie Maa Regional Saare County 1919 Estonian [42]
Mente et Manu Academical Biweekly Tallinn 1949 Estonian Tallinn University of Technology [43]
MK-Estonia (MK-Эстония) Estonia Russian [44]
Molodezh Estonii
(Молодежь Эстонии)
National Estonia Russian [45]
Muhulane Local Bimonthly Muhu Parish Estonian Muhu Parish [46]
Nädaline Regional Rapla County Estonian [47]
Narva (Нарва) Local Narva Russian [48]
Narva Kirik Narva
Narva Postiljon Narva
Narvskaya Gazeta
(Нарвская газета)
Local Narva Russian [49]
Narvskaya Nedelya
(Нарвская Неделя)
Local Weekly Narva Russian
Nelli Teataja National tabloid Estonia Estonian [50]
Nõmme Sõnumid Local Bimonthly Nõmme Estonian Nõmme [51]
Õhtuleht National tabloid Daily Estonia Estonian [52]
Panorama (Панорама) Local Weekly Jõhvi, Kohtla-Järve Russian
Paremad Uudised Political Monthly Estonia Estonian Estonian Reform Party [53]
Pärnu Postimees Regional Pärnu County Estonian [54]
Stolitsa (Столица)
Local Weekly Tallinn Estonian, Russian [55][56]
Chudskoye Poberezhye
(Чудское побережье)
Regional Ida-Viru County Estonian
Põhjarannik /
Severnoye Poberezhye
(Северное побережье)
Regional Ida-Viru County Estonian
Postimees National Daily Estonia Estonian, Russian
Prangli Leht Local Prangli 1997 Estonian [63]
Pravo i Pravda (Право и правда) Russian
Puhja Valla Leht Local Puhja Parish Estonian Puhja Parish [64]
Pyarnuskii Ekspress
(Пярнуский экспресс)
Local Pärnu Russian
Rääk Monthly Estonia Estonian Estonian Green Movement [65]
Rae Sõnumid Local Monthly Rae Parish Estonian Rae Parish [66]
Rannu Valla Leht Local Monthly Rannu Parish Estonian Rannu Parish [67]
Rapla Teataja Local, free Monthly Rapla Parish Estonian Rapla Parish [68]
Roheline Värav Monthly Estonia Estonian [69]
Saarde Sõnumid Local Monthly Saarde Parish Estonian Saarde Parish [70]
Saarte Hääl Regional Daily? Saare County Estonian [71]
Sakala Regional Viljandi County Estonian [72]
Saku Sõnumid Local Saku Parish Estonian Saku Parish [73]
Saue Sõna Local Saue Estonian Saue [74]
Setomaa Regional Setomaa Seto [75]
Sillamyaeskii Kuryer (Силламяэский курьер) Local Sillamäe Russian
Sillamyaeskii Vestnik (Силламяэский вестник) Local Sillamäe Russian [76]
Sindi Sõnumid Local Monthly Sindi Estonian Sindi [77]
Sõnumilaegas Local Monthly Illuka Parish Estonian Illuka Parish [78]
Tallinna Postimees Regional Tallinn Estonian [79]
Tartu Postimees Regional Tartu County Estonian [80]
Tudulinna Leht Local Tudulinna Parish Estonian Tudulinna Parish
Uma Leht Southern Estonia Võro [81]
Vaivara Kaja Local Monthly Vaivara Parish Estonian, Russian Vaivara Parish
Valgamaalane Regional Valga County Estonian [82]
Vali Uudised Local Põltsamaa Parish Estonian [83]
Viru Keemik Monthly 1975 Estonian Viru Keemia Grupp [84]
Viru Prospekt (Виру Проспект) Local Narva Russian [85]
Vooremaa Regional Jõgeva County Estonian [86]
Virumaa Teataja Regional Lääne-Viru County Estonian [87]
Võrumaa Teataja Regional Võru County Estonian [88]

Defunct newspapers

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