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List of non-marine molluscs of India

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Title: List of non-marine molluscs of India  
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Subject: Fauna of India, List of amphibians of India, List of ants of India, List of mammals of India, Biosphere reserves of India
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List of non-marine molluscs of India

Location of India

The non-marine molluscs of India are a part of the molluscan fauna of India.

There are 5070 species of marine and non-marine molluscs living in the wild in India.[1] There are 3371 species of marine molluscs in India.[2]

There are 1671 species of non-marine molluscs living in the wild in India. This includes 1488 terrestrial species in 140 genera and 183 freshwater species in 53 genera.[2]

There are a total of species of gastropods, which breaks down to ?? species of freshwater gastropods, and 1488 species of land gastropods, plus ?? species of bivalves living in the wild.

Summary table of number of species
freshwater gastropods ??
land gastropods 1488 (??? species of snails and ??? species of slugs)
gastropods altogether ???
bivalves ??
non-marine molluscs altogether 1671
non-indigenous gastropods in the wild ? freshwater and ? land
non-indigenous synanthropic gastropods ?
non-indigenous bivalves in the wild ?
non-indigenous synanthropic bivalves ?
non-indigenous molluscs altogether ?

Freshwater gastropods












Land gastropods

An unidentified snail from Nandi Hills, India.
A sinistral snail from Torna Fort, Pune District, Maharashtra, India
an unidentified gastropod from Kodachadri, southwestern India
an unidentified gastropod from India
closeup to an unidentified gastropod from India
an unidentified gastropod from India. This snail has the caudal mucous pit on its tail end.

Species of gastropods of India include:[2][7][8][9]











Staffordiidae - this family lives only in India[11]


Indrella ampulla is a large tropical snail from the Western Ghats of India.


A slug from the Western Ghats of India. The species is tentatively identified as Mariaella dussumieri, family Ariophantidae












Freshwater bivalves

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External links

  • Sahyadri: Western Ghats Biodiversity Information System. issue 20. Mollusca.
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