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List of non-marine molluscs of Iran

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Title: List of non-marine molluscs of Iran  
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Subject: Wildlife of Iran, Galba truncatula, Monacha
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List of non-marine molluscs of Iran

The non-marine molluscs of Iran are a part of the molluscan fauna of Iran, which is part of the (wildlife of Iran).

Summary table of species in the wild of Iran
Mollusc Number
Freshwater gastropods 73[1]
Land gastropods  ??
Total gastropods  ??
Bivalves  ??
non-marine molluscs  ??

Freshwater gastropods

27 freshwater gastropod species (37% of freshwater gastropod species in Iran) are endemic to Iran.[1]

Species of freshwater gastropods of Iran include:


  • Neritina mesopotamica Martens 1879[1] - the first report in Iran was in 2001[2]
  • Neritina cinctellus (Martens, 1874)[1]
  • Neritina euphratica Mousson, 1874[1][2]
  • Theodoxus fluviatilis (Linnaeus, 1758)[1]
  • Theodoxus lituratus Eichwald, 1838[1]
  • Theodoxus pallida Dunker, 1861[1]


  • Bellamya bengalensis (Lamarck, 1822)[2][1]
  • Bellamya hilmandensis (Kobelt, 1909)[1]


  • Melanopsis costata (Olivier, 1804)[2][1]
  • Melanopsis doriae Issel, 1865[2][1]
  • Melanopsis kotschyi Philippi, 1847[1]
  • Melanopsis sp.[1] - Mansoorian (2001) listed Melanopsis from Iran as Melanopsis nodosa Mousson, 1874[2] and as Melanopsis praemorsa (Linnaeus, 1758),[2] but Glöer and Pešić (2012)[1] claimed that there are nine possible names for this species and that further study is necessary to establish under which name or names the Iranian populations should be placed.[1]




  • Bithynia tentaculata (Linnaeus, 1758) - This species most probably does not occur in Iran.[1]
  • Bithynia forcarti Glöer & Pešić, 2012[1]
  • Bithynia starmuehlneri Glöer & Pešić, 2012[1]
  • Bithynia mazandaranensis Glöer & Pešić, 2012[1]
  • Bithynia cf. ejecta Mousson, 1874[1]
  • Bithynia rubens (Menke, 1830)[1] - questionable taxonomic status[1]
  • Bithynia sistanica (Annandale & Prashad, 1919)[1]
  • Pseudobithynia irana Glöer & Pešić, 2006[1]
  • Pseudobithynia zagrosia Glöer & Pešić, 2009[1]


  • Heleobia dalmatica (Radoman, 1974) - the first report in Iran was in 2012[1]


  • Hydrobia acuta (Draparnaud, 1805)[1]
  • Ecrobia grimmi (Clessin & Dybowski, 1888)[1]
  • Pseudamnicola kotschyi von Frauenfeld, 1863[1]
  • Pseudamnicola saboori Glöer & Pešić, 2009[1]
  • Pseudamnicola zagrosensis Glöer & Pešić, 2009[1]
  • Pseudamnicola raddei Boettger, 1889[1]
  • Pseudamnicola georgievi Glöer & Pešić, 2012[1]
  • Kaskakia khorrasanensis Glöer & Pešić, 2012[1]
  • Sarkhia sarabensis Glöer & Pešić, 2012[1]
  • Sarkhia kermanshahensis (Glöer & Pešić, 2009)[1]
  • Belgrandiella elburensis (Starmühlner & Edlauer, 1957)[1]
  • Hauffenia erythropomatia (Hauffen, 1856)[1]


  • Stenothyra arabica Neubert, 1998[1]
  • Gangetia uzielliana (Issel, 1866)[1]
  • Farsithyra farsensis Glöer & Pešić, 2009[1]



  • Acroloxus pseudolacustris Glöer & Pešić, 2012[1]


  • Radix persica (Issel, 1865)[1]
  • Radix auricularia (Linnaeus, 1785)[1] - Radix auricularia gedrosiana Annandale & Prashad, 1919[2]
  • Radix bactriana (Annandale & Prashad, 1919)[1]
  • Radix iranica (Annandale & Prashad, 1919)[1]
  • Radix gedrosiana (Annandale & Prashad, 1919) - Radix gedrosiana gedrosiana (Annandale & Prashad, 1919).[1] Radix gedrosiana rectilabrum is endemic to Iran.[1]
  • Radix hordeum (Mousson, 1874)[1]
  • Radix labiata (Rossmaessler, 1835)[1]
  • Galba truncatula (Müller, 1774)[2][1]
  • Galba schirazensis Küster, 1862[1]
  • Stagnicola sp. - Most probably, the species reported from Iran as Stagnicola palustris represents an undescribed species.[1] It is not possible to identify or eventually describe this species according to shells only as new to science without anatomical studies.[1]
  • Lymnaea stagnalis (Linnaeus, 1774)[2][1]

Doubtful Lymnaeidae:

  • Radix lagotis (Schrank, 1803) - It was recorded from Iran by Martens (1874) and by Biggs (1937), but this species most probably does not occur in Iran.[1]



Freshwater species excluded from the list:

Land gastropods

Species of land gastropods of Iran include:



  • Helicopsis aelleni Hausdorf, 1996[7]

Freshwater bivalves

Species of freshwater bivalves of Iran include:

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  • List of marine molluscs of Iran

Lists of molluscs of surrounding countries:


This article incorporates CC-BY-3.0 text from the reference[1]

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