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List of psychic abilities

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Title: List of psychic abilities  
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Subject: Parapsychology, Psychic, Psychokinesis, Psychic powers, Parapsychology Foundation
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List of psychic abilities

This is a list of alleged psychic abilities that have been attributed to real-world people. Many of these abilities are also known as extrasensory perception or sixth sense. Superhuman abilities from fiction are not included.

  • Apportation - Materialization, disappearance or teleportation of an object.[1]
  • [2]
  • Automatic writing - Writing produced without conscious thought.[3]
  • Astral projection or mental projection - An out-of-body experience in which an astral body becomes separate from the physical body.[4]
  • Bilocation or multilocation - Being in multiple places at the same time.[5]
  • [2]
  • Death-warning - A vision of a living person prior to their death.[6]
  • Divination - Gaining insight into a situation, most commonly through a ritual[7]
  • Dowsing - Ability to locate objects, sometimes using a tool called a dowsing rod.[8]
  • Energy medicine - Healing by channeling a form of energy.[9]
  • Faith healing - Diagnosing or curing diseases using religious devotion.[10]
  • Levitation - Bodily levitation and flying.[11]
  • Mediumship or channeling - Communicating with spirits.[12]
  • Precognition, premonition and precognitive dreams - Perception of events before they happen.[13]
  • Psychic surgery - Removal of diseased body tissue via an incision that heals immediately afterwards.[14]
  • Psychokinesis or telekinesis - The ability to manipulate objects by the power of thought.[15]
  • Psychometry or psychoscopy - Obtaining information about a person or object, usually by touching or concentrating on the object or a related object.[16]
  • Pyrokinesis - Manipulation of fire.[17]
  • Remote viewing - Gathering of information at a distance.[18]
  • Retrocognition or post-cognition - Perception of past events.[19]
  • Scrying - Use of an item to view events at a distance or in the future.[20]
  • Telepathy - Transfer of thoughts, words or emotions in either direction.[21]


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