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List of regional and minority parties in Europe

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Title: List of regional and minority parties in Europe  
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Subject: Politics of Europe
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List of regional and minority parties in Europe

This is a list of regional and minority parties in Europe.

Most of them are regionalist, some are autonomist or separatist, others represent minority interests. To be included in the list, parties need to gain at least 3.0% at the country-level or 3.0% in regional entities with at least 500,000 inhabitants or 6.0% in those with at least 100,000 inhabitants.

Country Party Region / constituency Electoral results European affiliation
 Austria Forward Tyrol  Tyrol Tyrol 2013: 9.3% none
 Austria Citizens' Forum Tyrol  Tyrol Tyrol 2013: 5.6% none
 Austria Citizens' Club Tyrol  Tyrol Tyrol 2013: 4.8% none
 Belgium New Flemish Alliance  Flanders Belgium 2014: 20.3%
Flanders 2014: 31.9%
 Belgium Flemish Interest  Flanders Belgium 2014: 3.7%
Flanders 2014: 5.9%
 Belgium People's Party  Wallonia Wallonia 2014: 4.9% none
 Belgium Francophone Democratic Federalists Brussels Brussels 2014: 13.1% none
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Alliance of Independent Social Democrats ethnic Serbs Bosnia–Herzegovina 2014: 15.6%
Republika Srpska 2014: 38.5%
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Serb Democratic Party ethnic Serbs Bosnia–Herzegovina 2014: 13.0%
Republika Srpska 2014: 32.6%
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Party of Democratic Progress ethnic Serbs Bosnia–Herzegovina 2014: 3.1%
Republika Srpska 2014: 7.8%
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Democratic People's Alliance ethnic Serbs Bosnia–Herzegovina 2014: 2.3%
Republika Srpska 2014: 5.7%
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Party of Democratic Action ethnic Bosniaks Bosnia–Herzegovina 2014: 18.7%
BH Federation 2014: 27.9%
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Union for a Better Future of BiH ethnic Bosniaks Bosnia–Herzegovina 2014: 8.7%
BH Federation 2014: 14.4%
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian-Herzegovinian Patriotic Party ethnic Bosniaks Bosnia–Herzegovina 2014: 2.4%
BH Federation 2014: 3.7%
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatian Democratic Union ethnic Croats Bosnia–Herzegovina 2014: 7.5%
BH Federation 2014: 12.2%
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatian Democratic Union 1990 ethnic Croats Bosnia–Herzegovina 2014: 2.5%
BH Federation 2014: 4.1%
 Bulgaria Movement for Rights and Freedoms ethnic Turks Bulgaria 2014: 14.8%
Kardzhali 2014: 70.4%
 Croatia Istrian Democratic Assembly Istria Istria 2013: 43.9% ALDE
 Croatia Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja Slavonia, Baranja Osijek-Baranja 2013: 33.4%
Brod-Posavina 2013: 10.9%
Vukovar-Syrmia 2013: 8.3%
 Croatia Alliance of Primorje-Gorski Kotar Primorje-Gorski Kotar Primorje-Gorski Kotar 2013: 11.6% none
 Croatia Independent Democratic Serb Party ethnic Serbs Lika-Senj 2013: 7.9%
Šibenik-Knin 2013: 7.8%
Vukovar-Syrmia 2013: 7.3%
 Finland Swedish People's Party of Finland ethnic Swedes Finland 2011: 4.3%
Vaasa 2011: 19.4%
 France Alsace First  Alsace Alsace 2010: 5.0% none
 France Breton Democratic Union  Brittany Brittany 2010: 12.2% (with EE) EFA
 France Breton Party  Brittany Brittany 2010: 4.3% none
 France Party of the Corsican Nation  Corsica Corsica 2010: 18.4% EFA
 France Free Corsica  Corsica Corsica 2010: 9.4% none
 France Social Democratic Corsica  Corsica Corsica 2010: 6.4% none
 Germany Christian Social Union in Bavaria  Bavaria Germany 2013: 7.4%
Bavaria 2013: 47.7%
 Germany Free Voters of Bavaria  Bavaria Bavaria 2013: 9.0% none
 Germany South Schleswig Voter Federation ethnic Danes, Frisians Schleswig-Holstein 2012: 4.6% EFA
 Italy Lega Nord  Padania Italy 2013: 4.1% none
 Italy Valdostan Union  Aosta Valley Aosta Valley 2013: 33.5% none
 Italy Progressive Valdostan Union  Aosta Valley Aosta Valley 2013: 19.2% none
 Italy Autonomy Liberty Participation Ecology Aosta Valley Aosta Valley 2013: 12.4% EFA
 Italy Edelweiss  Aosta Valley Aosta Valley 2013: 12.2% none
 Italy South Tyrolean People's Party  South Tyrol South Tyrol 2013: 45.7% EPP
 Italy The Freedomites  South Tyrol South Tyrol 2013: 17.9% none
 Italy Greens of South Tyrol  South Tyrol South Tyrol 2013: 8.7% EGP
 Italy South Tyrolean Freedom  South Tyrol South Tyrol 2013: 7.2% EFA
 Italy Trentino Tyrolean Autonomist Party  Trentino Trentino 2013: 17.6% none
 Italy Union for Trentino  Trentino Trentino Trentino 2013: 13.3% none
 Italy Trentino Project  Trentino Trentino Trentino 2013: 9.0% none
 Italy Lega Nord Trentino  Trentino Trentino Trentino 2013: 6.2% none
 Italy Trentino Civic List  Trentino Trentino Trentino 2013: 3.7% none
 Italy Lega Nord Piemont  Piedmont Piedmont 2014: 7.3% none
 Italy Lega Lombarda  Lombardy Lombardy 2013: 23.2%[1] none
 Italy Liga Veneta  Veneto Veneto 2010: 35.2% none
 Italy Lega Nord Friuli-Venezia Giulia  Friuli-Venezia Giulia Friuli-Venezia Giulia 2013: 8.3% none
 Italy Civic Freedom  Friuli-Venezia Giulia Friuli-Venezia Giulia 2013: 5.3% none
 Italy Lega Nord Emilia
Lega Nord Romagna
Emilia-Romagna 2014: 19.4% none
 Italy Lega Nord Liguria  Liguria Liguria 2010: 10.2% none
 Italy Lega Nord Toscana  Tuscany Tuscany 2010: 6.4% none
 Italy Lega Nord Marche  Marche Marche 2010: 6.3% none
 Italy Lega Nord Umbria  Umbria Umbria 2010: 4.3% none
 Italy Sardinian Reformers  Sardinia Sardinia 2014: 6.0% none
 Italy Sardinian Action Party  Sardinia Sardinia 2014: 4.7% EFA
 Italy Party of Sicilians  Sicily Sicily 2012: 9.5% none
 Italy Great South  Sicily Sicily 2012: 6.5% none
 Latvia Social Democratic Party Baltic Russians, Latgalians Latvia 2014: 23.0%
Latgale 2014: 39.5%
Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania ethic Poles Lithuania 2012: 5.8% AECR
 Macedonia Democratic Union for Integration ethnic Albanians Macedonia 2011: 10.2% none
 Macedonia Democratic Party of Albanians ethnic Albanians Macedonia 2011: 5.9% none
 Montenegro New Serb Democracy/Democratic Front ethnic Serbs Montenegro 2012: 23.2% none
 Montenegro Socialist People's Party of Montenegro ethnic Serbs Montenegro 2012: 11.2% none
 Montenegro Bosniak Party ethnic Bosniaks Montenegro 2012: 4.2% none
 Netherlands Frisian National Party  Friesland Friesland 2011: 9.2% EFA
 Netherlands Party for Zeeland  Zeeland Zeeland 2011: 5.6% none
 Poland German Minority Party ethnic Germans Opole 2010: 17.8% none
 Poland Silesian Autonomy Movement Upper Silesia Silesia 2010: 8.5% EFA
 Romania Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania ethnic Hungarians Romania 2012: 5.1%
Harghita 2012: 61.4%
 Romania Hungarian Civic Party ethnic Hungarians Harghita 2012: 13.3% none
 Romania Hungarian People's Party of Transylvania ethnic Hungarians Harghita 2012: 10.6% none
 Romania Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania ethnic Germans Sibiu 2012: 24.7% none
 Serbia League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina ethnic Hungarians Vojvodina 2012: 11.0% none
 Serbia Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians ethnic Hungarians Vojvodina 2012: 6.2% EPP
 Slovakia Most–Híd ethnic Hungarians Slovakia 2012: 6.9%
Trnava 2012: 15.0%
 Slovakia Party of the Hungarian Community ethnic Hungarians Slovakia 2012: 4.3%
Nitra 2012: 13.2%
 Spain Aragonese Party  Aragon Aragon 2011: 9.5% none
 Spain Aragonese Junta  Aragon Aragon 2011: 8.5% EFA
 Spain Asturias Forum  Asturias Asturias 2012: 25.2% none
 Spain Socialist Party of Majorca Catalan Countries Balearic Islands 2011: 8.9% EFA
 Spain Basque Nationalist Party Basque Country Basque Country 2012: 34.6% EDP
 Spain Basque Country Gather Basque Country Basque Country 2012: 25.0% none
 Spain Regionalist Party of Cantabria  Cantabria Cantabria 2011: 29.8% none
 Spain Convergence and Union Catalan Countries Spain 2011: 4.2%
Catalonia 2012: 31.1%
 Spain Republican Left of Catalonia Catalan Countries Catalonia 2012: 13.9% EFA
 Spain Initiative for Catalonia Greens Catalan Countries Catalonia 2012: 10.0% (with EUiA) EGP
 Spain Popular Unity Candidates Catalan Countries Catalonia 2012: 3.5% none
 Spain Galician Left Alternative  Galicia Galicia 2012: 14.4% none
 Spain Galician Nationalist Bloc  Galicia Galicia 2012: 10.5% EFA
 Spain Navarrese People's Union  Navarre Navarre 2011: 35.4% none
 Spain Navarre Yes  Navarre Navarre 2011: 15.8% none
 Spain Gather  Navarre Navarre 2011: 13.6% none
 Spain Riojan Party La Rioja La Rioja 2011: 5.6% none
 Spain Valencian Nationalist Bloc Valencian Country Valencian Country 2011: 7.4% EFA
 Spain Canarian Coalition  Canary Islands Canary Islands 2011: 25.7% none
 Spain New Canaries  Canary Islands Canary Islands 2011: 9.3% EFA
  Switzerland Geneva Citizens' Movement Geneva Geneva 2013: 19.2% none
  Switzerland Ticino League  Ticino Ticino 2011: 22.8% none
 Ukraine Democratic Hungarians ethnic Hungarians Zakarpattia Oblast 2010: 5.6% none
 United Kingdom Mebyon Kernow  Cornwall Cornwall 2013: 4.?% EFA
 United Kingdom Scottish National Party  Scotland Scotland 2011: 44.0% EFA
 United Kingdom Scottish Green Party  Scotland Scotland 2011: 4.4% EGP
 United Kingdom Plaid Cymru – the Party of Wales  Wales Wales 2011: 17.9% EFA
 United Kingdom Sinn Féin United Ireland Northern Ireland 2011: 26.3% GUE/NGL
 United Kingdom Social Democratic and Labour Party United Ireland Northern Ireland 2011: 13.9% PES



  1. ^ Combined result of party list, 13.0%, and Roberto Maroni's personal list, 10.2%.


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