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List of vegetarian festivals

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Title: List of vegetarian festivals  
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Subject: Happycow, Vegetarian festivals, Food festivals, Vegetarianism, Veganism
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List of vegetarian festivals

This is a list of vegetarian and vegan festivals. Vegan Festival or Vegetarian Festival or Vegfest's are vegetarianism. Many of them are also food festivals and/or music festivals and can also contain edutainment.

Almost all festivals in the world only allow vegan food. Only vegan (plant-based) food are allowed in the venue.


  • Africa 1
    • Ghana 1.1
      • Accra 1.1.1
  • Asia 2
    • Hong Kong 2.1
    • Indonesia 2.2
      • Ubud, Bali 2.2.1
    • Japan 2.3
      • Tokyo 2.3.1
    • Singapore 2.4
    • Thailand 2.5
      • Bangkok 2.5.1
      • Phuket 2.5.2
  • Europe 3
    • Belgium 3.1
      • Brussels 3.1.1
    • Italy 3.2
      • Bologna 3.2.1
    • Switzerland 3.3
      • Zurich 3.3.1
      • Winterthur 3.3.2
    • United Kingdom 3.4
      • Bristol, Brighton, London 3.4.1
    • Hungary 3.5
      • Budapest 3.5.1
    • Spain 3.6
      • Alicante 3.6.1
  • North America 4
    • Canada 4.1
      • Toronto 4.1.1
      • Niagara (St. Catharines) 4.1.2
      • Ottawa 4.1.3
    • United States 4.2
      • California 4.2.1
        • Yucaipa
      • Colorado 4.2.2
        • Denver
      • Chicago 4.2.3
        • Illinois
      • Michigan 4.2.4
        • Novi
      • New York 4.2.5
        • New York City
      • Oregon 4.2.6
        • Portland
      • Texas 4.2.7
        • Austin
        • Houston
        • Marshall
      • Pennsylvania 4.2.8
        • Bethlehem
  • Oceania 5
    • Australia 5.1
      • New South Wales 5.1.1
        • Sydney
      • South Australia 5.1.2
        • Adelaide
      • Victoria 5.1.3
        • Melbourne
  • South America 6
    • Brazil 6.1
      • Recife 6.1.1
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Vegfest 2015 organized by the Vegetarian Association of Ghana.[1]


Hong Kong

Hong Kong Vegfest started in 2013. As almost all vegetarian festivals in the world only allow vegan food, the Vegfest held in Hong Kong adopts the same policy and only allows vegan food in the venue. The festival is organized by the Hong Kong Vegan Association.


Ubud, Bali

The First Bali Vegan Festival started in 2015 at Down To Earth (Ubud). [2] [3]



The Vegetarian Festival in Tokyo started in 2006.[4]


The EarthFest Singapore has its debut in September 2015 and is sponsored by the Vegetarian Society (Singapore) and others.



The Vegetarian Festival in Bangkok takes place annually in fall.[5] The thai Vegfest is co-organized by the Thai Vegetarian Association and others.


This Vegetarian Festival is a nine-day period in October that celebrates the abstinence from meat during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar.




Vegan Summer Fest is organized by BE Vegan.[6]



VeganFest Bologna is a big vegan event in europe with more than 43,000 visitors (2014). The event will take place in September in Bologna.[7]



in September 2016


Since 1998 this vegan street festival is held in the city of Swissveg, the biggest organization for vegetarians and vegans in Switzerland.

United Kingdom

Bristol, Brighton, London



XIX. Vegetarian Festival was organized in August 2015 in Budapest.



Vegan Fest Spain.

North America



The Vegetarian Food Festival in Toronto is a big vegetarian festival with over 50,000 attendees in 2014 and more than 120 exhibiting food and product vendors.[8] It is a free public festival held at Harbourfront Centre by the Toronto Vegetarian Association in Toronto the second weekend of every September.

Niagara (St. Catharines)

Niagara VegFest began in 2012 and is an annual event that takes place in downtown St. Catharines, Ontario.[9] The 2012 Niagara VegFest closed with a screening of Vegucated.[10]


The first Ottawa Veg Fest was held in 2009, and was organized by the National Capital Vegetarian Association.[11]

United States



In early October at Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa there is the herbivorefestival.[12]



VegFest Colorado is 100% volunteer run, open to the public.[13]



Veggie Fest in Chicago, Illinois is one of the largest vegetarian food and lifestyle festivals in North America and held annually since year 2005. It celebrated its 10th annual ceremony in 2015. Over 800 volunteers have helped in the festival. Over 30,000 people came to visit this festival in year 2015 and over 100 vendor booths were set up on all aspects of healthy living. Many speakers were interviewed from city of Chicago over how vegetarian lifestyle is beneficiary in each aspect of life for mental, physical, and spiritual reasons. Karyn Calabrese - American raw foodist and restaurateur was a notable speaker [14]



Among others, John Salley spoke at Michigan's Vegfest from the years 2009-2012.[15]

New York

New York City

The NYC Vegetarian Food Festival is organized by U.S. Veg Corp.[16]



A two day event in mid-november at the Portland convention center. [17]



Annual Texas VegFest in Austin, Texas.[18]


VegFest Houston is hosted annually by the Vegan Society of P.E.A.C.E. This vegan community festival is dedicated to "Promoting an ethical, compassionate and sustainable world for all".[19]


HealthFest is an annual 3-day whole foods, plant-based festival that takes place every Spring in historic Marshall, Texas.[20]



The annual Bethlehem Vegfest was held in southside Bethlehem in 2015.[21]



New South Wales


The Sydney and Melbourne.[22]

South Australia




The Sydney and Melbourne.[23]

On the first of november, Melbourne celebrates the World Vegan Day.[24]

South America



Vegfest in Brazil happens in Recife.[25]

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