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List of volcanic eruptions by death toll

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Title: List of volcanic eruptions by death toll  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Krakatoa, Mount St. Helens, Mount Vesuvius, Mount Ruapehu, Mount Tambora, Mount Pelée, Mayon Volcano, Nevado del Ruiz, Galunggung, Mount Pinatubo
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of volcanic eruptions by death toll

Volcanic eruptions can be highly explosive, volatile, or neither. Certain volcanoes have undergone catastrophic eruptions, killing countless numbers of people, and this list attempts to document those volcanic eruptions by death toll.

Volcanic eruptions

Deaths Volcano Location Date
$Perhaps left only 10,000 humans alive on earth Lake Toba (see also Toba catastrophe theory) Indonesia Between 69,000 and 77,000 years ago
$Unknown precisely: perhaps 6 million,[1] including a million in Japan,[2] a similar number in France,[2] many in the rest of northern Europe and in Egypt. Killed 9,350 people in Iceland, about 25% of the island's population. Laki (Grimsvötn) Iceland 1783
$Unknown. May have contributed to the fall of Minoan civilization, famine in China, and the collapse of the Xia dynasty. Santorini (see Minoan eruption) (aka Thera) Greece Between 1650 and 1500 BC
$Unknown. No less than two million. One-third of Russia was killed; see Russian famine of 1601–1603 Huaynaputina Peru 1600
$92,000 Mount Tambora (see also Year Without a Summer) Indonesia 1815
$36,000 Krakatoa Indonesia 1883
$33,000 Mount Pelée Martinique 1902
$23,000 Nevado del Ruiz Colombia 1985
$18,000 Mount Vesuvius Italy 0079
$15,000 Mount Unzen Japan 1792
$10,000 Mount Kelut Indonesia 1586
$6,000 Santa Maria Guatemala 1902
$5,115 Mount Kelut Indonesia 1919
$4,000 Mount Galunggung Indonesia 1822
$3,500 El Chichón Mexico 1982
$3,360 Mount Vesuvius Italy 1631
$2,942 Mount Lamington Papua New Guinea 1951
$2,000 Tseax Cone Canada 1775
$1,680 Soufrière St. Vincent 1902
$1,584 Mount Agung Indonesia 1963
$1,369 Mount Merapi Indonesia 1930
$1,335 Mount Mayon Philippines 1897
$1,335 Mount Taal Philippines 1911
$1,151 Mount Asama Japan 1783
$1,000 Cotopaxi Ecuador 1877
$700 Mount Pinatubo Philippines 1991
$353[3] Mount Merapi Indonesia 2010
$245 Nyiragongo Democratic Republic of the Congo 2002
$152 Mt Ruapehu, Tangiwai New Zealand 1953
$150 Mount Tarawera New Zealand 1886
$150[4] Torishima Japan 1902
$57 Mount St. Helens United States 1980
$43 Mount Unzen Japan 1991
$31[5] Nabro Volcano Eritrea 2011
$9 Galeras Colombia 1993

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