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Ministry of Emergency Situations (Azerbaijan)


Ministry of Emergency Situations (Azerbaijan)

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan Republic
Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Respublikası Fövqəladə Hallar Nazirliyi
Logo of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan Republic[1]
Agency overview
Formed December 16, 2005 (2005-12-16)
Type Ministry
Headquarters Baku, Azerbaijan
Agency executive Kamaladdin Heydarov, Minister of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan Republic[2]

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan Republic (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Respublikası Fövqəladə Hallar Nazirliyi) is the central executive body within the cabinet of Azerbaijan Republic, responsible for protecting the population from natural and manmade disasters.[3] The ministry is headed by Kamaladdin Heydarov.


Civil Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan is controlled by the Law “About Civil Defence”, which was introduced by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1998. In accordance with this law the Cabinet of the Republic has issued the Decision “ About the Provisions of Civil Defence” and approved normative documents.

Activity directions

Protection of the population and territories from emergency situations, fire, water hazards. Securing the mining industry, to ensure the security of petroleum and petroleum products, accidents with established emergency prevention and mitigation, material resources, public funds in public places and to ensure implementation of policies and regulations developed.[3]

Regulation and procedure

In order to organize control in different in scale emergencies the decisions are done centralized or at the local level. The Civil Defence Organization of Azerbaijan has been restructured under the authority of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.


According to the requirements of legislation “About the Civil Defence” all government bodies (central and local), industrial installations of different property rights have “Plans of Civil Defence”. These are programs for fires, earthquakes, radioactive and chemical contamination, military conflict, etc. Control and execution of protective measures in emergencies is responsibility of Government of the Republic, central and local executive bodies, leaders of installations. Civil Defence Department of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan cooperates with the Community of Independent States (CIS) and the International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO).


Leaders, sections, services, rescue forces. Rights and responsibilities of the Organisation are written in the Law “About Civil Defence” of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Military personnel of Civil Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan use uniform of military personnel of Ministry of Defence.

Kamaladdin Heydarov, Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan Colonel-General.[2]

Rafail Mirzayev , First Deputy Minister Lieutenant-General.[2]

Faik Tagi-zade, Deputy Minister Lieutenant-General of medical service.[2]

Etibar Mirzayev, Deputy Minister Lieutenant-General.[2]

Ragim Latifov, Deputy Minister Lieutenant-General.[2]

Orujali Hajiyev, Deputy Minister[2]


The structure of the Ministry include:[3]

  • State Fire Service
  • State Fire control Service
  • Troops of the Civil Defence
  • State Agency of stock
  • The State Agency for Control over the safety of construction
  • Agency for the safe conduct of work in industry and mining control
  • State Inspection for low-intensive ships
  • Public Service in the waters of salvation
  • Militarized secret service protection
  • The rescue service of the Caspian basin
  • Crisis Management Center
  • State Agency on Nuclear and Radiological Activity Regulation (SANRAR)

And also:[3]

  • Special Works "Isotope"
  • Operative Investigation Department
  • Research and Production Association
  • Central Laboratory
  • Ambulance rescue
  • Office of Capital Construction
  • Aviation Detachment
  • Training center
  • Fitness club
  • Medical Service
  • Regional centers of the Ministry


Training of specialists is done at the Training Centre of Civil Defence and at local courses of Civil Defence.


Financing comes from the Budget.

International relations

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan in its activity gave special importance to international practice, a great experience on the management of emergency states cooperation pays special attention to the development.

The Ministry cooperates with following international organizations: CIS, GUAM, OPCW, IAEA, BSEC, OEC, ICDO In order to improve skills in the field of emergency situations employees of MES are studying in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany in the fields of emergency management. These are the countries which ministry cooperates with: Russian Federation, USA, Jordan, Turkish Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, France, Germany and etc.

From 24 to 27 September 2007 in Baku MES in cooperation with International Academy of Science developed an international symposium on the theme of "Natural Cataclysms and Global Problems of the Modern Civilization"[4]


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