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Mutual combat

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Title: Mutual combat  
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Mutual combat

Mutual combat occurs when two individuals intentionally and consensually engage mutually in a fair[1] fight,[2] while not hurting bystanders or damaging property.[3] In some cases, mutual combat nevertheless results in killings.[4]


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Notable examples

In 2012, MMA fighter Phoenix Jones hit the headlines for engaging in mutual combat.[5] A video of the fight went viral.[6] The Seattle Police Department later defended their officers for not intervening.[7] The same year, Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez engaged in mutual combat and were not charged.[8] In 2014, after Zac Efron had engaged in a fight in Skid Row, law enforcement officials did not make any arrests because they viewed it as mutual combat.[9] Mutual combat has been used to deny damage claims,[10] as a legal defense,[11] and to drop charges against fighting students.[12]

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External links

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