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NUTS of Sweden

In the NUTS (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) codes of Sweden (SE), the three levels are:

Level Subdivisions #
NUTS 1 Lands (Swedish: Landsdelar) 3
NUTS 2 National areas (Swedish: Riksområden) 8
NUTS 3 Counties (Swedish: Län) 21


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    • NUTS codes prior to 2008 1.1
  • Local administrative units 2
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NUTS codes

SE1 East Sweden (Östra Sverige)
SE11 Stockholm
SE110 Stockholm County
SE12 East Middle Sweden (Östra Mellansverige)
SE121 Uppsala County
SE122 Södermanland County
SE123 Östergötland County
SE124 Örebro County
SE125 Västmanland County
SE2 South Sweden (Södra Sverige)
SE21 Småland and the islands (Småland med öarna)
SE211 Jönköping County
SE212 Kronoberg County
SE213 Kalmar County
SE214 Gotland County
SE22 South Sweden (Sydsverige)
SE221 Blekinge County
SE224 Skåne County
SE23 West Sweden (Västsverige)
SE231 Halland County
SE232 Västra Götaland County
SE3 North Sweden (Norra Sverige)
SE31 North Middle Sweden (Norra Mellansverige)
SE311 Värmland County
SE312 Dalarna County
SE313 Gävleborg County
SE32 Middle Norrland (Mellersta Norrland)
SE321 Västernorrland County
SE322 Jämtland County
SE33 Upper Norrland (Övre Norrland)
SE331 Västerbotten County
SE332 Norrbotten County

NUTS codes prior to 2008

Prior to 2008, the codes were as follows:[1]

The National Areas of Sweden are 8 second level subdivisions (NUTS-2) of Sweden, created by the European Union for statistical purposes.

The 8 riksområden (Singular : Riksområde) includes the 21 counties of Sweden.[2] Only Stockholm (SE01) corresponds simply to the homonymous county.

NUTS 1 Code NUTS 2 Code NUTS 3 Code
Sweden SE0 Stockholm SE01 Stockholm County SE010
NUTS2 codes for Sweden East Middle Sweden SE02 Uppsala County SE021
Södermanland County SE022
Östergötland County SE023
Örebro County SE024
Västmanland County SE025
South Sweden SE04 Blekinge County SE041
Skåne County SE044
North Middle Sweden SE06 Värmland County SE061
Dalarna County SE062
Gävleborg County SE063
Middle Norrland SE07 Västernorrland County SE071
Jämtland County SE072
Upper Norrland SE08 Västerbotten County SE081
Norrbotten County SE082
Småland and the islands SE09 Jönköping County SE091
Kronoberg County SE092
Kalmar County SE093
Gotland County SE094
West Sweden SE0A Halland County SE0A1
Västra Götaland County SE0A2

Local administrative units

Below the NUTS levels, the two LAU (Local Administrative Units) levels are:

Level Subdivisions #
LAU 1 — (same as NUTS 3) 21
LAU 2 Municipalities (Kommuner) 290

The LAU codes of Sweden can be downloaded here: [2]

NUTS 1 compared to Lands of Sweden

While similar, NUTS 1 does not correspond to Lands of Sweden.

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