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NYC Media
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Agency overview
Jurisdiction City of New York
Headquarters Manhattan Municipal Building (25th–29th floors)
Agency executives Katherine Oliver, President and General Manager
Todd Asher, Chief Operating Officer

NYC Media is the radio, television, and online media network of the City of New York. It oversees four public television channels, two public radio services, and an Internet video on demand service.[1]

Located in the Manhattan Municipal Building at 1 Centre Street, NYC Media occupies the tower portion, from the 25th floor to the 29th floor. It also has offices located on the campus of the Bronx Community College, the basement of City Hall and 112 Tillary Street in Brooklyn, as well as transmission facilities in Brooklyn, the Empire State Building and the Conde Nast Building in Times Square.

NYC Media is an amalgamation of channels, studios, distribution and production entities. NYC Media was originally called NYC TV when it took over Crosswalks Television in 2003; it became NYC Media Group when it acquired control of broadcast stations WNYE-FM and WNYE-TV as well.

In late 2009, it was announced that NYC Media Group would be split off from the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications and merge with the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting. As of 2010, the president and general manager of NYC Media is Katherine Oliver, who has also been Commissioner of the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting since 2002, and before that was general manager of television and radio at Bloomberg L.P., owned by New York City mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.


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NYC Media operates four television channels: NYC life, NYC gov, NYC drive, and NYC world.[1]

  • NYC life, is NYC Media's flagship television station and broadcasts as WNYE-TV channel 25.1 as well as appearing on local cable television as channel 22 on Cablevision and on channel 25 on other cable services.[1]
  • NYC gov, sometimes still called NYC TV 74, covers city government meetings and press conferences. It appears on most local cable services as channel 74.[1]
  • NYC world provides international and ethnic programming. It appears on most local cable services as channel 73.[1]
  • NYC drive, formerly known as City Drive Live, provides travel advisories and live feeds from traffic cameras. It appears on most local cable services as channel 72.[1]

Services on most of these channels had previously each been branded as NYC TV or nyctv with a cable channel number since 2003, and before that as Crosswalks Television.[2]

NYC Media is also responsible for cable channel 71. Channel 71, as well as channel 73 during certain times, are used by the State of New York for off-track betting coverage.[1][3]


NYC Media operates two public radio services: WNYE-FM, branded as "NYC radio 91.5"; and Radio NYC, a city telephone system on-hold messaging service also available as an Internet audio stream.[4]

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