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National Intelligence Service (Greece)

National Intelligence Service
Εθνική Υπηρεσία Πληροφοριών
Agency overview
Formed 9 May 1953 as the Central Intelligence Service
Jurisdiction Government of Greece
Headquarters Athens, Greece
Minister responsible
  • , Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection
Agency executives
  • , Director General
  • Theodore Dravillas

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) (Greek: Εθνική Υπηρεσία Πληροφοριών, ΕΥΠ, Ethniki Ypiresia Pliroforion, EYP) is the national intelligence agency of Greece. Its headquarters are located in Athens.

Its Director General is Theodore Dravillas.[1]


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N.I.S. is tasked with safeguarding national security. The mandate is implemented through:

  • Intelligence gathering, processing, evaluating and dissemination. This intelligence may be of a political, economic or military nature.
  • Countering spying activities by foreign agents.
  • Securing national communications.


The Director of the National Intelligence Service is Theodore Dravillas.

The agency is directly responsible to the Minister for Citizen Protection,[2] who can appoint or dismiss the Director.

NIS employs the following categories of personnel:

  • Permanent civilian personnel.
  • Scientific civilian personnel, serving on the basis of private contracts of employment.
  • A number of officers on active service in the Armed Forces, the Coast Guard or the Hellenic Police. An unspecified number of national field agents are also employed.


The agency was founded on 7 May 1953 (Law 2421/1953) under the name Central Intelligence Service (Greek: Κεντρική Υπηρεσία Πληροφοριών, ΚΥΠ), which it retained until 27 August 1986, when its name changed to National Intelligence Service, by ministerial decree,[3] issued on 28 August.

The agency was created by influential

  • Official Website of the National Intelligence Agency (English) - (Greek)

External links

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See also

It is said that there are not more than two agencies all over the planet, with a larger criminal's database than the N.I.S. of Greece. In addition, the classified informations held by the N.I.S. about criminal hubs, activities and organizations operating throughout the European Union, is the second largest in Europe .

The agency's motto is "λόγων απορρήτων εκφοράν μη ποιού" (translated roughly as "do not discuss confidential affairs"), a quote of the Ancient Greek philosopher Periandros. The total number of people working for the agency is unknown and remains classified; the Greek media usually give figures of around 3,000.

Other Info

N.I.S.'s Director General is Theodore Dravillas. Former directors include, Ambassador Bikas, a career diplomat who has served in the United States and Canada, and in Greek Police.

Current leadership

Ιn 1986 KYP became a civilian agency, EYP, by ministerial decree 1645/86. In recent years, its Directors have been diplomats, while traditionally they were military officers. [5]

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