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New Jersey gubernatorial election, 2001

New Jersey Gubernatorial election, 2001

November 6, 2001

Candidate Jim McGreevey Bret Schundler
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 1,126,853 1,058,174
Percentage 56.1% 41.1%

County Results

Governor before election

Donald DiFrancesco

Elected Governor

Jim McGreevey

The New Jersey gubernatorial election of 2001 was a race for the Governor of New Jersey. It was held on November 6, 2001. Primaries took place on June 25.[1][2] Democrat nominee Jim McGreevey won the general election with 56% of the vote[3] — the first majority-elected governor since James Florio.[4] His Republican opponent in that race was Bret Schundler.[5]

Democratic primary



Democratic Primary results[6]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Jim McGreevey 250,404 95.54
Democratic Elliot Greenspan 11,682 4.46
Total votes 262,086 100.00

Republican primary



Towards the end of his tenure as mayor, Schundler served as chairman of the Hudson County Republican Committee, and in 2001, Schundler won the Republican gubernatorial nomination, facing former Congressman Young Republicans and the College Republicans, as well as with conservative groups, including those active in homeschooling issues. The grassroots support he built up enabled him to win the nomination by a robust 15-point margin.


Republican Primary results[6]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Bret Schundler 193,342 57.38
Republican Bob Franks 143,606 42.62
Total votes 336,948 100

General election

===Candidates=== [7][8]


After winning the primary, Schundler tried to reunite the party by reaching out to the figures who had endorsed Franks. This included having a unity lunch with Franks which was hosted by former Gov. Tom Kean, and retaining New Jersey State Senator Joseph M. Kyrillos as state party chairman. Kyrillos had been appointed by DiFrancesco as state party chairman six weeks before the primary, and he had supported Franks in the primary. However, the party remained split. Jim McGreevey, the Democratic candidate, exploited this division by painting Schundler as too conservative for New Jersey.


New Jersey Gubernatorial Election, 2001[9]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Jim McGreevey 1,126,853 56.11% +4.29%
Republican Bret Schundler 1,058,174 41.10% +0.23%
Independent Bill Schluter 24,084 1.08%
Green Jerry L. Coleman 6,238 0.28% -0.16%
Libertarian Mark Edgerton 4,684 0.21% -4.51%
Independent George Watson, Jr. 2,568 0.12%
Conservative Michael W. Koontz 1,949 0.09% -1.36%
Socialist Costantino Rozzo 1,537 0.07% -0.05%
Socialist Workers Kari Sachs 1,078 0.05% -0.07%
Majority 328,679 14.76% +13.71%
Turnout 2,227,165
Democratic gain from Republican Swing


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