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New York's 40th congressional district

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Title: New York's 40th congressional district  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: United States congressional delegations from New York, William E. Miller, New York's 42nd congressional district, 1973 disestablishments in New York, Congressional districts of New York
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New York's 40th congressional district

The 40th Congressional District of New York was a congressional district for the United States House of Representatives in New York. It was created in 1913 as a result of the 1910 Census. It was eliminated in 1973 as a result of the 1970 Census. It was last represented by Henry P. Smith III who was redistricted into the 36th District.


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Past Components


All of Niagara
Parts of Erie


Parts of Monroe


All of Niagara
Parts of Erie


Representative Party Years Note
District created March 4, 1913
Robert H. Gittins Democratic March 4, 1913 – March 3, 1915
S. Wallace Dempsey Republican March 4, 1915 – March 3, 1931
Walter G. Andrews Republican March 4, 1931 – January 3, 1945 redistricted to 42nd district
George F. Rogers Democratic January 3, 1945 – January 3, 1947
Kenneth B. Keating Republican January 3, 1947 – January 3, 1953 redistricted to 38th district
William E. Miller Republican January 3, 1953 – January 3, 1965 redistricted from 42nd district
Henry P. Smith III Republican January 3, 1965 – January 3, 1973 redistricted to 36th district
District eliminated January 3, 1973

Election results

The following chart shows historic election results. Bold type indicates victor. Italic type indicates incumbent.

Year Democratic Republican Other
1970 Edward Cuddy: 50,418 Henry P. Smith III: 87,183
1968 Eugene P. O'Connor: 56,201 Henry P. Smith III: 106,984 James A. Peck (Liberal): 1,949
1966 William Levitt: 54,303 Henry P. Smith III: 85,801
1964 Wesley J. Hilts: 81,531 Henry P. Smith III: 90,745 James A. Peck (Liberal): 3,797
1962 E. Dent Lackey: 67,004 William E. Miller: 72,706
1960 Mariano A. Lucca: 85,005 William E. Miller: 104,752 Albert J. Taylor (Liberal): 5,621
1958 Mariano A. Lucca: 54,728 William E. Miller: 90,066 Hel J. Di Pota (Liberal): 3,354
1956 A. Thorne Hills: 64,872 William E. Miller: 117,051
1954 Mariano A. Lucca: 46,956 William E. Miller: 77,016 Louis Longo (Liberal): 2,233
Nick Curtis (American Labor): 222
1952 E. Dent Lackey: 69,087 William E. Miller: 102,565 John Touralchuk (American Labor): 329
1950 A. Roger Clarke: 52,363 Kenneth B. Keating: 103,710 Marie D'Amico (American Labor): 1,624
1948 George F. Rogers: 85,505 Kenneth B. Keating: 90,305
1946 George F. Rogers: 55,321 Kenneth B. Keating: 84,852
1944 George F. Rogers: 90,369 Joseph J. O'Brien: 88,782
1942 Julian Park: 41,459 Walter G. Andrews: 91,222
1940 Robert A. Hoffman: 76,468 Walter G. Andrews: 119,972
1938 John L. Beyer: 50,705 Walter G. Andrews: 92,271 August Hein (American Labor): 3,907
George Brickner (Socialist): 551
1936 John L. Beyer: 68,241 Walter G. Andrews: 94,682 Melvin A. Payne (Union): 13,593
Thomas Justice (Socialist): 3,481
Edwin Richards (Communist): 408
1934 Frank S. Anderson: 50,532 Walter G. Andrews: 69,353 Herman J. Hahn (Socialist): 4,627
1932 Ralph W. Nolan: 54,363 Walter G. Andrews: 92,929 Herman J. Hahn (Socialist): 3,209
1930 Roland Crangle: 27,268 Walter G. Andrews: 61,333 Frank C. Perkins (Independent Citizen): 5,126
Thomas Justice (Socialist): 3,535
1928 John M. Powers: 46,860 S. Wallace Dempsey: 99,896 James Battistoni (Socialist): 5,973
1926 William F. Sheehan: 27,751 S. Wallace Dempsey: 60,310 Thomas Justice (Socialist): 3,689
1924 Thurman W. Stoner: 26,382 S. Wallace Dempsey: 66,939 Eustace Reynolds (Socialist): 5,478
1922 Philip Clancy: 21,590 S. Wallace Dempsey: 41,754 John W. Slacer (Prohibition): 2,530
1920 Frank S. Nicholason: 19,253 S. Wallace Dempsey: 56,129 Augustus Meas (Socialist): 5,389


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