New York gubernatorial election, 1852

The 1852 New York state election was held on November 2, 1852, to elect the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, a Canal Commissioner and an Inspector of State Prisons, as well as all members of the New York State Assembly.


The Democratic state convention met on September 1 and 2 at Syracuse, New York. Wheeler H. Bristol was Temporary President on September 1, Henry Stevens from Cortland County was elected President on September 2. Seymour was nominated for Governor on the second ballot (Seymour 78, Augustus Schell 21, 5 other candidates with less votes). Lt. Gov. Church was re-nominated on the first ballot (Church 69, Augustus Schell 54, 2 other candidates with a few votes). Canal Commissioner Follett was re-nominated on the first ballot with 81 votes. Prison Inspector Clark was re-nominated on the first ballot with 82 votes.[1]

The Whig state convention met on September 22 at the City Hall in Syracuse, New York, Henry W. Taylor from Ontario County presided. Governor Hunt was re-nominated by acclamation. Judge Kent was nominated for Lt. Gov. on the second ballot (Kent 64, James M. Cook 28, 4 other candidates with less votes). Kempshall was nominated for Canal Commissioner by acclamation. Crosby, from Dutchess County, was nominated for Prison Inspector on the second ballot.[2]

The Free Democratic state convention met on September 29 at Syracuse, New York, and passed a series of strong free soil resolutions. They nominated Tompkins, Gates, Wheaton, Curtis, and Hiram Barney and Alfred Babcock for presidential electors at large.[3]


Minthorne Tompkins was the son of U.S. Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins, William Kent was the son of Chancellor James Kent. Seth M Gates and Charles A. Wheaton ran for the second time (also 1848) unsuccessfully for Lt. Gov. and Canal Commissioner.


The whole Democratic ticket was elected.

The incumbent Governor Hunt was defeated, the incumbent Church, Follett and Clark were re-elected.

86 Democrats, 41 Whigs and one Independent were elected for the session of 1853 to the New York State Assembly.[4]

1852 state election results
Office Democratic ticket Whig ticket Free Democratic ticket
Governor Horatio Seymour 264,121 Washington Hunt 239,736 Minthorne Tompkins 19,299
Lieutenant Governor Sanford E. Church William Kent Seth M. Gates
Canal Commissioner Frederick Follett Thomas Kempshall Charles A. Wheaton
Inspector of State Prisons Darius Clark Epenetus Crosby George Curtis



  • Result for Gov. in compiled by Franklin Benjamin Hough (page 31; Weed, Parsons and Co., 1858)

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