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New York state election, 1857

The 1857 New York state election was held on November 3, 1857, to elect the Secretary of State, the State Comptroller, the Attorney General, the State Treasurer, the State Engineer, a Judge of the New York Court of Appeals, a Canal Commissioner and an Inspector of State Prisons, as well as all members of the New York State Assembly and the New York State Senate.


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The Democratic state convention met on September 10 and 11 at Soft) was nominated for Comptroller "unanimously" after a first informal ballot showed a large majority and the other candidates Alfred M. Wood and Thomas B. Mitchell were withdrawn. Lyman Tremain, Benjamin Bailey and Francis Kernan were proposed for Attorney General but Tremain (Hard) was nominated by acclamation. Isaac V. Vanderpoel, Joseph M. Lyon and Thomas Osborne were proposed for Treasurer, but Vanderpoel (Soft) was nominated unanimously. John M. Jaycox (Hard) was nominated for Canal Commissioner. The nomination for State Engineer caused much excitement when Charles R. Graham was proposed and had his party allegiance questioned when it was remembered that he had chaired a Whig convention in New York City four years previously. After much controversy, including speeches by Daniel E. Sickles and Mayor Fernando Wood, Van Rensselaer Richmond (Soft) was nominated on the first ballot. William C. Rhodes (Hard) was nominated unanimously on the first ballot for Prison Inspector. The re-nomination of Hiram Denio caused another even bigger controversy. Ex-Governor Horatio Seymour rose to urge Denio's nomination, Mayor Fernando Wood spoke fiercely against it, because Denio had made decisions against Wood, and was accused of not being a Democrat. Replying to Wood, Sickles defended Denio in a speech and John Cochrane also endorsed Denio who was nominated on the first ballot with 67 out of 117 votes cast.[1]

The American state convention met on September 15 at Syracuse, New York.[2]

The Republican state convention met on September 23 at Wieting Hall in Silas Seymour 94, scattering 4). Thomas Kirkpatrick was nominated for Prison Inspector on the second ballot (first ballot: Kirkpatrick 62, Norwood Bowne [incumbent] 39, David P. Forrest 26, Luther Caldwell 25, some more scattering; second ballot: Kirkpatrick 102, Bowne 40, Caldwell 27, Forrest 16).[3]


The whole Democratic state ticket was elected with a plurality of less than 20,000 votes over the Republican ticket while only in New York County, the stronghold of Tammany Hall, the ticket had a plurality of about 24,000 votes.

The incumbent Denio was re-elected.

15 Republicans, 14 Democrats, two Americans and one Independent Republican were elected to a two-year term (1858-59) in the New York State Senate.

61 Republicans, 58 Democrats and 9 Americans were elected for the session of 1858 to the New York State Assembly.

1857 state election results
Office Democratic ticket Republican ticket American ticket
Secretary of State Gideon J. Tucker 195,482 Almon M. Clapp[4] 177,425 James O. Putnam 66,882
Comptroller Sanford E. Church 195,138 Robert Denniston 178,038 Nathaniel S. Benton 67,030
Attorney General Lyman Tremain 195,186 William Curtis Noyes 178,335 Henry H. Ross 65,519
Treasurer Isaac V. Vanderpoel 195,153 John T. Hogeboom 178,194 Lyman Odell 66,737
State Engineer Van Rensselaer Richmond 195,284 George Geddes 178,152 Roswell Graves 65,583
Judge of the Court of Appeals Hiram Denio 196,016 Timothy Jenkins 175,325 Hiram Ketchum[5] 64,299
Canal Commissioner John M. Jaycox 194,958 Ariel S. Thurston[6] 177,888 Goldsmith Denniston 66,328
Inspector of State Prisons William C. Rhodes 195,167 Thomas Kirkpatrick 177,718 John M. Stevens 66,862



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