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New York state election, 1881


New York state election, 1881

The 1881 New York state election was held on November 8, 1881, to elect the Secretary of State, the State Comptroller, the Attorney General, the State Treasurer, the State Engineer and a judge of the New York Court of Appeals, as well as all members of the New York State Assembly and the New York State Senate.


The Greenback-Labor state convention met on August 24 at Elmira, New York. Mr. Furbish was Temporary and Permanent Chairman. All candidates were nominated by acclamation.[1]

The [2]

The Republican state convention met on October 5. The incumbent Secretary of State Joseph B. Carr was re-nominated by acclamation. Ira Davenport was nominated for Comptroller on the first ballot (vote: Davenport 290, Henry L. Duguid 191). Leslie W. Russell was nominated for Attorney General on the first ballot (vote: Russell 255, Hamilton Ward, Sr. [incumbent] 231). James W. Husted was nominated for Treasurer in the middle of the first ballot. Ex-State Engineer Silas Seymour (in office 1856-1857) was nominated again for this office, and Francis M. Finch, who had been appointed to the Court of Appeals to fill the vacancy caused by the election of Charles J. Folger as Chief Judge, was nominated to succeed himself, both by acclamation.[3]

The Yates County, was nominated for Comptroller by acclamation. Roswell A. Parmenter, of Troy, was nominated for Attorney General on the first ballot (vote: Parmenter 221, James W. Covert 57, J. Thomas Spriggs 55, Ruggles 21, Lewis L. Bundy 16). Robert A. Maxwell was nominated after the roll was, amid some confusion, called twice for the first ballot (vote Maxwell 197, H. Catlin 187). Thomas Evershed, of Orleans County, was nominated for State Engineer by a rising vote. Augustus Schoonmaker, Jr., was nominated for the Court of Appeals in the middle of the first ballot when the name of William C. Ruger was withdrawn.[4]


Almost the whole Republican ticket was elected. Only Robert A. Maxwell managed to be elected on the Democratic ticket.

The incumbents Carr and Finch were re-elected.

1881 state election results
Office Republican ticket Democratic ticket Greenback ticket Prohibition ticket
Secretary of State Joseph B. Carr 416,915 William Purcell 403,893 Epenetus Howe[5] 16,018 Stephen Merritt[6] 4,445
Comptroller Ira Davenport 417,460 George H. Lapham 403,385 John Hooper[7] Jefferson Bissell
Attorney General Leslie W. Russell 416,337 Roswell A. Parmenter 403,704 Dennis C. Feely[8] George Brooks
Treasurer James W. Husted 392,148 Robert A. Maxwell 413,341 Allen C. Wood[9] Frederick Gates[10]
State Engineer Silas Seymour 413,430 Thomas Evershed 406,711 James H. Gould[11] John J. Hooker[12]
Judge of the Court of Appeals Francis M. Finch 415,410 Augustus Schoonmaker, Jr. 403,799 Lawrence J. McParlin[13] Walter Farrington[14]


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  • Result for Secretary of State: THE NOVEMBER ELECTIONS in NYT on November 5, 1883 (recalling the previous result)

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