Ohio's 10th congressional district Democratic primary election 2008

The Ohio 10th congressional district Democratic primary was held on March 4, 2008, the same day as the Texas and Ohio presidential primaries. The candidates were Cleveland city councilman Joe Cimperman, North Olmsted mayor Thomas O'Grady, Barbra Ferris and Rosemary Palmer. Current polling has Kucinich leading with 55% to Cimpermann 29%.


Kucinich previously stated that he would run again for Congress in 2008 if his bid for President were unsuccessful.[1]

For 2008, however, Kucinich is facing four challengers in the Democratic primary scheduled for March 4, which prompted him to abandon his run for President.[2] Opponents include Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman and North Olmsted Mayor Thomas O'Grady. Having only raised around $50,000 so far compared to Cimperman's $228,000,[3] Kucinich has since been putting out appeals for campaign funding on YouTube.[4] Since then, he has managed to raise $700,000, surpassing Cimperman's $487,000.[5]

Cimperman, who is endorsed by the Mayor of Cleveland and the Cleveland Plain Dealer, criticized Kucinich for focusing too much on campaigning for president and not on the district. Kucinich accused Cimperman of representing corporate and real estate interests. Cimperman described Kucinich as an absentee congressman who failed to pass any major legislative initiatives in his 12-year House career. In an interview, Cimperman said he was tired of Kucinich and Cleveland being joke fodder for late-night talk-show hosts, saying "It's time for him to go home".[6][7] An ad paid for by Cimperman's campaign claimed that Kucinich has missed over 300 votes, but by checking the ad's source the actual number is 139.[8][8]

A report suggested that representatives of Nancy Pelosi and American Israel Public Affairs Committee would "guarantee" Kucinich's re-election if he dropped his bid to impeach Cheney and Bush, though Kucinich denies the meeting happened.[9][10] It was also suggested that Kucinich's calls for universal health care and an immediate withdrawal from Iraq made him a thorn in the side of the Democrats' congressional leadership, as well as his refusal to pledge to support the eventual presidential nominee.[6]

At last minute, Kucinich took part in a debate with the other primary challengers. Barbara Ferris criticized him for not bringing as much money back to the district as other area legislators and authoring just one bill that passed during his 12 years in Congress. Kucinich responded

"It was a Republican Congress and there weren't many Democrats passing meaningful legislation during a Republican Congress."[11]


Kucinich easily won the primary by a 15-point-margin over his nearest opponent Joe Cimperman.


2008 10th district democratic primary election, Ohio
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Dennis J. Kucinich (Incumbent) 68,156 50.27%
Democratic Joe Cimperman 47,891 35.32% -
Democratic Barbara Ferris 8,780 6.48% -
Democratic Thomas O'Grady 6,780 5% -
Democratic Rosemary Palmer 3,982 2.94% -
Majority 20,265 14.95%
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