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Order of the Falcon

Order of the Falcon
Grand cross star
Type State order
Grand Master President of Iceland
Established July 3, 1921
Ribbon of the Order of the Falcon

The Order of the Falcon (Icelandic: Hin íslenska fálkaorða) is a national Order of Iceland, established on July 3, 1921 by King Christian X of Denmark and Iceland.[1]


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History and appointments

During a royal visit to Iceland, King Christian X issued the royal decree founding the Icelandic Order of the Falcon.[1]

New statutes were incorporated for the Order on July 11, 1944, when Iceland became a republic. It may be awarded to both Icelanders and citizens of other countries for achievements in Iceland or internationally.[1]

The President of Iceland is the designated Grand Master of the Order. A five-member council makes recommendations on awards to the Grand Master, who then grants the award. However, the Grand Master may award the Order without recommendations from the Order Council. The Grand Master and the Chairman of the Order Council then sign the Letters Patent, which are given to those who receive the awards.


Commander's star
Knight's Crosses on current suspension and older crown suspension

The Order has five classes:[1]

  1. Keðja með stórkrossstjörnu or Chain with the Grand Cross, only for heads of state
  2. Stórkrossriddari or Grand Cross
  3. Stórriddari með stjörnu or Commander's Cross with Star
  4. Stórriddari or Commander's Cross
  5. Riddari or Knight's Cross


The collar is gilded metal, consists of links bearing the Icelandic coat-of-arms and blue-enamelled discs bearing the white falcon.

The badge consists of a gilt cross, enamelled in white, with a blue-enamelled central disc bearing the white falcon.

The star is a silver, eight-pointed star. For the Grand Cross class it has the badge of the Order superimposed upon it. For the Commander with Star class it has a blue-enamelled central disc bearing the white falcon.

The ribbon is blue with white-red-white border stripes.

In summary:

  • Grand Cross - wears the badge on a collar or a sash on the left shoulder,[2] plus a star on the left chest;
  • Commander's Cross with Star - wears the badge on a necklet, plus a star on the left chest;
  • Commander's Cross - wears the badge on a necklet;
  • Knight's Cross - wears the badge on a chest ribbon.

If a holder is promoted to a higher rank, the lower rank's insignia must be returned. The insignia is retained during the recipient's lifetime, but it must be returned to the Icelandic Government upon his or her death.

Ribbon bars
Grand Cross with Collar
Grand Cross
Commander's Cross with Star
Commander's Cross
Knight's Cross

Notable recipients


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External links

  • The Collection of Henrik Revens Website features orders and medals of Iceland as well as other Nordic countries
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