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Paint-on-glass animation

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Title: Paint-on-glass animation  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Animation, History of Russian animation, 3D computer graphics, Computer animation, Strings (1991 film)
Collection: Animation Techniques, Glass Art, Paint-on-Glass Animated Films
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Paint-on-glass animation

Paint-on-glass animation is a technique for making animated films by manipulating slow-drying oil paints on sheets of glass. Gouache mixed with glycerine is sometimes used instead. The most well-known practitioner of the technique is Russian animator Aleksandr Petrov; he has used it in seven films, all of which have won numerous awards.


  • Agamurad Amanov (Агамурад Аманов)
    • Tuzik (Тузик) (2001) [1]
    • Childhood's Autumn, Осень детства (Osen detstva) (2005)[2] (with Yekatirina Boykova)
  • Martine Chartrand
  • Witold Giersz
    • Little Western (Maly Western) (1960)
    • Red and Black (Czerwone i czarne) (1963)
    • Horse (Kon) (1967)
    • The Stuntman (Kaskader) (1972)
    • Fire (Pozar) (1975)
  • Aleksey Karayev (Алексей Караев)
    • Welcome, Добро пожаловать (Dobro pozhalovat) (1986)
    • The Lodgers of an Old House, Жильцы старого дома (Zhiltsy starovo doma) (1987)
    • I Can Hear You, Я вас слышу (Ya vas slyshu) (1992)
  • Caroline Leaf
  • Marcos Magalhães
    • Animando (1987) (partially; instructive film)
  • Natalya Orlova (Наталья Орлова)
  • Aleksandr Petrov (Александр Петров) (was art director on Karayev's Welcome in 1986)
  • Georges Schwizgebel
    • The Man With No Shadow, (L'homme sans ombre) (2004)
    • Retouches, (Retouches) (2008) [5]
  • Vladimir Samsonov
    • The Winter, Зима (Zima) (1979) [6]
    • Brightness, Блики (Bliki) (1981) [7]
    • Contrasts, Контрасты (Kontrasty) (1981) [8]
    • Contours, Контуры (Kontury) (1981) [9]
    • Masquerade, Маскарад (Maskarad) (1981) [10]
    • Still Life, Натюрморт (Natyurmort) (1981) [11]
    • Restoration, Реставрация (Restavratsiya) (1981) [12]
    • The Little Sun, Солнышко (Solnyshko) (1981) [13]
    • The Snail, Улитка (Ulitka) (1981) [14]
    • Magic Trick, Фокус (Fokus) (1981) [15]
    • Coloured Music, Цветомузыка (Tsvetomuzyka) (1981) [16]
    • The Bumblebee, Шмель (Shmel) (1981) [17]
    • Mood, Настроение (Nastroyeniye) (1982) [18]
    • The Landscape, Пейзаж (Peyzazh) (1982) [19]
    • Rendez-Vous, Свидание (Svidaniye) (1982) [20]
    • The Magpie, Сорока (Soroka) (1982) [21]
    • The Motif, Мотив (Motiv) (1984) [22]
    • Waiting for..., Ожидание (Ozhidaniye) (1984) [23]
    • Miniatures, Миниатюры (Miniatyury) (1985) [24]
    • Miniatures - 86, Миниатюры - 86 (Miniatyury - 86) (1986) [25]
  • Olive Jar Studios
    • MTV: Greetings From The World (1988)
  • Boris Stepantsev
    • The Song About the Falcon, Песня о соколе (Pesnya o sokole) (1967) [26]
  • Wendy Tilby

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