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Pakistan at the 1960 Summer Olympics

Pakistan at the Olympic Games

Flag of Pakistan
IOC code  PAK
NOC Pakistan Olympic Association
At the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome
Competitors 44 (all men) in 7 sports
Flag bearer Muhammad Iqbal
Rank: 20
Olympic history (summary)
Summer Games
Winter Games

Pakistan competed at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Italy. 44 competitors, all men, took part in 35 events in 7 sports.[1] Here, they won their first Olympic Games gold medal by defeating India in the final of the men's hockey competition. The country also landed their first individual Olympic Games medal, a bronze, through welterweight wrestler Mohammad Bashir in the freestyle contests. Making this Pakistan's most successful Olympics to date.


  • Medalists 1
  • Athletics 2
  • Boxing 3
  • Cycling 4
  • Hockey 5
    • Men's Team Competition 5.1
  • Shooting 6
  • Weightlifting 7
  • Wrestling 8
  • References 9
  • External links 10


  • Gold medal in the men's hockey competition and a bronze medal in the men's freestyle wrestling


Men's 100 metres

  • Heat 2; 11.2 (→ did not advance)
  • Heat 7; Retired

Men's 200 metres

  • Heat 1; Non-starter
  • Heat 4; 23.1 (→ did not advance)

Men's 5,000 metres

  • Heat 4; 15:43.0 (→ did not advance)

Men's 4x100 metres relay

  • Heat 3; 42.5 (→ advanced to semifinals)
  • 2nd semifinal; 42.8 (→ did not advance)

Men's 110 metres hurdles

  • Heat 4; 14.6 (→ advanced to quarter-finals)
  • 2nd quarter-final; 14.4 (→ advanced to semifinals)
  • 2nd semifinal; 14.3 (→ did not advance)
  • Heat 5; 15.4 (→ did not advance)

Men's 400 metres hurdles

  • Heat 3; 52.8 (→ did not advance)

Men's 3,000 metres steeplechase

  • Heat 2; 9:20.0 (→ did not advance)

Men's long jump

  • Qualification 3rd series; Failed to record a jump

Men's hop, step and jump

  • Qualification 3rd series; 14.43m (→ did not advance)

Men's pole vault

  • Qualification; 4.00m (→ did not advance)

Men's putting the shot

  • Qualification; 16.47m (→ did not advance)

Men's throwing the hammer

  • Qualification; 60.86m (→ qualified for final)
  • Final; 61.79m finished 12th out of 15

Men's throwing the discus

  • Qualification; 46.57m (→ did not advance)

Men's throwing the javelin

  • Qualification 2nd series; 70.05m (→ did not advance)


Men's bantamweight (up to 54kg)

  • Round 1 thirtyseconds of final; Bye
  • Round 2 sixteenths of final; Beat S Akbarzadeh (IRN) on pts
  • Round 3 eighths of final; Lost to M Thein (BUR) on pts

Men's lightweight (up to 60kg)

  • Round 1 thirtyseconds of final; Bye
  • Round 2 sixteenths of final; Lost to A Hernandez (MEX) on pts

Men's middleweight (up to 75kg)

  • Round 1 sixteenths of final; Lost to T Walasek (POL) on pts

Men's light heavyweight (up to 81kg)

  • Round 1 sixteenths of final; Bye
  • Round 2 eighths of final; Lost to G Saraudi (ITA) on pts


Men's individual scratch sprint

  • Heat 7; (→ sent to repechage)
  • Repechage 5th; 12.8 Lost to L Mucino (MEX)
  • Heat 8; (→ sent to repechage)
  • Repechage 4th; 12.1 Lost to H Francis (USA)

Men's tandem sprint

  • Heat 2; Not present

Men's 1,000 metres standing start time trial

  • 1:20.17 finished 25th out of 25


Men's Team Competition

Elimination rounds Round B




Pakistan won the gold medal

  • Team Roster


Four shooters represented Pakistan in 1960.

25 m pistol
  • 253/248 = 501 finished 55th out of 57
50 m pistol
  • Elimination rounds Group One; 59/77/74/79 = 289 finished 31st out of 33
300 m rifle, three positions
  • Elimination rounds Group One; 153/180/154 = 487 19th out of 20
50 m rifle, three positions
  • Elimination rounds Group Two; 185/160/161 = 506 finished 34th out of 38
50 m rifle, prone
  • Elimination rounds Group One; 95/89/96/93 = 373 finished 39th out of 43


Men's bantamweight (57kg)

  • Press not counted
  • Snatch 82.5kg
  • Jerk 100kg
  • Total 182.5kg Unplaced

Men's lightweight (67.5kg)

  • Press not counted
  • Snatch 92.5kg
  • Jerk 125.0kg
  • Total 217.5kg Unplaced


Men's flyweight (52kg)

Nawab Din ranked 9th out of 17

Men's bantamweight (57kg)

Siraj Din ranked joint 10th out of 19

Men's featherweight (62kg)

Mohammad Akhtar ranked 6th out of 25

Men's lightweight (67kg)

Mohammad Din ranked joint 12th out of 24

Men's welterweight (73kg)

Mohammad Bashir won the bronze medal after being ranked 3rd out of 23

Men's middleweight (79kg)

  • 1st round; admitted to second round
  • 2nd round; Lost to T Nagai (JPN) on pts
  • 3rd round; Beat M A Khokan (AFG) on pts

Faiz Mohammad ranked 11th out of 19

Men's heavyweight (over 87kg)

Mohammad Nazir ranked 12th out of 17


  1. ^ "Pakistan at the 1960 Rome Summer Games". Sports Reference. Retrieved 20 June 2015. 

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