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Pennsylvania Senate elections, 2004

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Title: Pennsylvania Senate elections, 2004  
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Subject: Pennsylvania Senate elections, 2000, Pennsylvania Senate elections, 2006, Pennsylvania Senate elections, 2008, Pennsylvania Senate elections, 2010, Pennsylvania Senate elections, 2012
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Pennsylvania Senate elections, 2004

Elections for the Pennsylvania State Senate were held on November 2, 2004, with even-numbered districts being contested.[1] State Senators are elected for four-year terms, with half of the Senate seats up for a vote every two years.[2] The term of office for those elected in 2004 will run from January 4, 2005[3] through November 2008. Necessary primary elections were held on April 27, 2004.[4]

Bob Regola, a Republican member of the Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors, defeated Democratic senator Allen G. Kukovich in the 39th senatorial district. Republican State Representative Pat Vance succeeded the retiring Republican Senator Harold F. Mowrey, Jr.. Four senators who won special elections prior to the 2004 election, Dominic F. Pileggi, Connie Williams, John R. Gordner, and John Pippy, each won full terms.[5]

Affiliation Members
  Republican Party 30
  Democratic Party 20

General Elections

District Party Incumbent Status Party Candidate Votes %
1 Democratic Vincent J. Fumo re-elected

Democratic Vincent J. Fumo 88,935 79.4
Republican John H. Morley, Jr. 23,073 30.6
3 Democratic Shirley M. Kitchen re-elected

Democratic Shirley M. Kitchen 87,064 86.8
Republican Philip Kerwick 13,207 13.2
5 Democratic Mike Stack re-elected

Democratic Mike Stack 66,844 65.7
Republican Sam Mirarchi 34,829 34.3
7 Democratic Vincent Hughes re-elected

Democratic Vincent Hughes 91,340 83.6
Republican Maryalice H. Devlin 17,980 16.4
9 Republican Dominic F. Pileggi[6] re-elected

Republican Dominic F. Pileggi 71,379 59.4
Democratic Thomas J. Bosak 48,784 40.6
11 Democratic Michael A. O'Pake re-elected

Democratic Michael A. O'Pake 69,951 70.9
Republican Barbara J. Cummings 28,745 29.1
13 Republican Gibson E. Armstrong re-elected

Republican Gibson E. Armstrong 71,925 65.5
Democratic John Gouveia 37,870 34.5
15 Republican Jeffrey E. Piccola re-elected

Republican Jeffrey E. Piccola 70,058 61.1
Democratic Eric J. Epstein 44,653 38.9
17 Republican Connie Williams[7] re-elected

Democratic Connie Williams 80,372 64.5
Republican Ted Barry 44,224 0.355
19 Republican Robert J. Thompson re-elected

Republican Robert J. Thompson 96,582 100.0
21 Republican Mary Jo White re-elected

Republican Mary Jo White 66,292 67.7
Democratic Kevan M. Yenerall 29,348 30.0
Libertarian Michael J. Robertson 22,90 2.3
23 Republican Roger A. Madigan re-elected

Republican Roger A. Madigan 73,048 73.5
Democratic Grant Berry, Jr. 26,313 26.5
25 Republican Joseph B. Scarnati III re-elected

Republican Joseph B. Scarnati III 74,383 89.5
Constitution Alan Kiser 8,694 10.5
27 Republican John R. Gordner[8] re-elected

Republican John R. Gordner 67,236 70.4
Democratic John J. Boback 28,288 29.6
29 Republican James J. Rhoades re-elected

Republican James J. Rhoades 67,743 65.7
Democratic Michael P. Halcovage 35,379 34.3
31 Republican Harold F. Mowrey, Jr. retired

Republican Patricia H. Vance 86,741 72.9
Democratic Sean Quinlan 29,148 24.5
Independent Jeffrey T. Gerace 3,027 2.5
33 Republican Terry Punt re-elected

Republican Terry Punt 83,790 76.5
Democratic Donald R. Richards 25766 23.5
35 Democratic John N. Wozniak re-elected

Democratic John N. Wozniak 93,500 100.0
37 Republican John Pippy[9] re-elected

Republican John Pippy 88,306 67.8
Democratic Gianni Floro 41,954 32.2
39 Democratic Allen G. Kukovich defeated for re-election

Republican Bob Regola 58,107 52.4
Democratic Allen G. Kukovich 52,743 47.6
41 Republican Donald C. White re-elected

Republican Donald C. White 97,941 100.0
43 Democratic Jay Costa, Jr. re-elected

Democratic Jay Costa, Jr. 90,408 100.0
45 Democratic Sean F. Logan re-elected

Democratic Sean F. Logan 72,943 100.0
47 Democratic Gerald J. La Valle re-elected

Democratic Gerald J. La Valle 95,952 100.0
49 Republican Jane M. Earll re-elected

Republican Jane M. Earll 67,658 65.8
Democratic Tony Logue 35,194 34.2


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