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Political positions of the Democratic Party presidential primary candidates, 2016

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Title: Political positions of the Democratic Party presidential primary candidates, 2016  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Robby Wells, Political positions of United States presidential candidates, 2016, Willie Wilson (businessman), Lawrence Lessig presidential campaign, 2016, Lincoln Chafee presidential campaign, 2016
Collection: Political Positions of United States Presidential Candidates, 2016
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Political positions of the Democratic Party presidential primary candidates, 2016

The Democratic candidates in the 2016 United States presidential election hold a wide variety of stances on issues related to domestic and foreign policy and their political ideological views.


  • Domestic policy 1
  • Foreign policy 2
  • Political ideologies 3
  • See also 4
  • References 5

Domestic policy

Jeff Boss Harry Braun Lincoln Chafee (Suspended campaign) Hillary Clinton Keith Judd Lawrence Lessig (Suspended campaign) Martin O'Malley Bernie Sanders Sam Sloan Jim Webb (Suspended campaign) Robby Wells Willie Wilson
$15 federal minimum wage Yes[1] Unknown[1] Unknown[1] No[2] Unknown Unknown Yes[1] Yes[1] Unknown Unknown[1] No[3] Unknown[1]
American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 Unknown Unknown Unknown[4] Yes[5] Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes[6] Unknown Yes[6] Unknown[7] Unknown
Cannabis legalization Yes[8] Unknown Yes[9] Unknown[10] Unknown Yes[11] Unknown[12] Yes[13] Unknown Unknown[14] Unknown[3] Yes[15]
Capital punishment No[16] Yes[17] No[18] Yes[19] Yes[20] No[21] No[22] No[19] Unknown Yes[23] No[3] Unknown
DREAM Act Unknown No[24] Yes[25] Yes[26] Unknown Yes[27] Yes[28] Yes[29] Unknown Yes[30] Unknown Unknown
Equality Act of 2015 Unknown Unknown Yes[31] Yes[32] Unknown Yes[33] Yes[34] Yes[35] Unknown Unknown[36] Unknown Unknown
Expand Social security Unknown Unknown Unknown No[37] Unknown Yes[38] Yes[39] Yes[40] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 Unknown Unknown[41] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No[42] Unknown Yes[42] Unknown Unknown
Pro-choice Yes[16] Yes[17] Yes[43] Yes[44] No[20] Unknown[45] Yes[46] Yes[47] Unknown Yes[48] No[3] Unknown
Reinstating Glass–Steagall Legislation Unknown Unknown Yes
(previously againist until October 13, 2015)[49]
No[50] Unknown Yes[51] Yes[52] Yes[53] Unknown Unknown[54] Unknown Unknown
Repeal ban on transexual military service Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes[55] Unknown Yes[33] Unknown Yes[56] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Repeal of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 Amendments Act of 2008 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes[57] Unknown Yes[58] Unknown Yes[59] Unknown No[59] Unknown Unknown
Repeal of USA PATRIOT Act Yes[60] Unknown[61] Yes
(previously aganist until October 13, 2015)[62]
No[63] Unknown Yes[64] No[65] Yes[66] Unknown No[67] Yes[68] Unknown
Single-payer health care Unknown[69] Yes[17] Unknown[70] No[71] Unknown Yes[72] Yes[70] Yes[73] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes[74] Unknown Unknown Unknown No[75] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tuition-free public college Unknown Unknown Unknown[76] No[76] Unknown Unknown No[76] Yes[76] Unknown Unknown[76] Yes[77] Unknown
USA Freedom Act Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes[78] Unknown Unknown Yes[79] No
(previously supported until June 1, 2015)[80]
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Universal background checks No[16] No[17] Unknown Yes[81] Unknown[20] Unknown Yes[81] Yes[81] Unknown Unknown[82] No[3] Unknown

Foreign policy

Jeff Boss Harry Braun Lincoln Chafee (Suspended campaign) Hillary Clinton Keith Judd Lawrence Lessig (Suspended campaign) Martin O'Malley Bernie Sanders Sam Sloan Jim Webb (Suspended campaign) Robby Wells Willie Wilson
Asylum for Syrian Civil War refugees Unknown Unknown Unknown[83] Yes[84] Unknown Unknown Yes[84] Unknown[84] Unknown Unknown[85] Unknown Unknown
Drone strikes on suspected enemy combatants Yes[16] No[17] No[18] Yes[86] Yes[20] Unknown Unknown[87] Yes[88] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ending the United States embargo against Cuba Unknown Unknown Yes[89] Yes[90] Unknown Unknown Yes[91] Yes[91] Unknown Yes[92] Unknown Unknown
Enlargement of NATO Unknown Unknown Yes[93] Yes[94] Unknown Unknown Unknown No[95] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Iran Nuclear Deal Unknown Unknown Yes[96] Yes[96] Unknown Yes[97] Yes[96] Yes[96] Yes[98] No[96] Unknown Yes[99]
Keystone Pipeline System Unknown No[100] Unknown[101] No
(previously undecided until September 22, 2015)[102]
Yes[20] Unknown No[103] No[104] Unknown Yes[105] Unknown Unknown
Maintain some troops in Afghanistan No[106] No[17] Unknown Yes[107] Unknown Yes[97] Unknown Yes[107] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Military intervention against ISIL Unknown Unknown[108] No[109] Yes[110] Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes[111] Unknown Unknown[112] Unknown Unknown
Military funding for the Free Syrian Army Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes[113] Unknown Unknown Unknown No[114] Unknown Unknown[115] Unknown Unknown
No-fly zone in Syria Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes[116] Unknown Yes[97] No[116] No[117] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sanctions against Iran Unknown Unknown Yes[118] Yes[119] Unknown Unknown Yes[120] Yes[121] Unknown Yes[121] Unknown Unknown
Trans-Pacific Partnership Unknown Unknown[108] Yes[122] No
(previously supported until October 7, 2015)[123]
Unknown No[124] No[125] No[126] Unknown Unknown[127][128] Unknown Unknown
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Unknown Unknown Yes[129] Unknown[130] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown[131] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Two-state solution Unknown[132] Unknown Yes[133] Yes[134] Unknown Unknown Yes[135] Yes[136] Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

Political ideologies

Note that some of these terms are self-identifiers (in quotation marks): the views linked to may not adequately represent all of their policy stances.

Jeff Boss Harry Braun Lincoln Chafee (Suspended campaign) Hillary Clinton Keith Judd Lawrence Lessig (Suspended campaign) Martin O'Malley Bernie Sanders Sam Sloan Jim Webb (Suspended campaign) Robby Wells Willie Wilson
truther[8] direct democrat[137] libertarian-leaning progressive[138] "progressive"[139] Unknown "liberal"[140] "progressive"[141] "democratic socialist"[142] Unknown moderate liberal[143] "eaglist"[144] social liberal[145]

See also


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