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Postage stamps and postal history of Ascension Island


Postage stamps and postal history of Ascension Island

The first Ascension stamps were overprinted stamps of Saint Helena.

Ascension Island is an island in the South Atlantic Ocean, a dependency of the British overseas territory of Saint Helena. Like other British territories, it issues its own postage stamps, which provide a source of income for the island from sales to overseas collectors, as well as being used for domestic postage.

Early days

Originally mail was carried on an irregular basis as ships called. A datestamp was in use from February 1858, and in 1863 the Union Steamship Co. began regular carriage of mail, continuing until 1977. On 3 March, 1867 British postage stamps became valid for Ascension mail, and continued in use until 1922, when Ascension became a dependency of Saint Helena.
A 1938 stamp showing a view of "The Pier".

First stamps

On 2 November 1922, nine stamps of St. Helena overprinted "ASCENSION" replaced British stamps. These were followed up in 1924 by a series of 12 using the St. Helena design, but inscribed for Ascension. In 1934 a pictorial series of ten engraved stamps depicted various views of the island.

George VI

In 1938 the pictorials were re-issued with a portrait of

A cover mailed during the visit by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1957.

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