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Prime Minister of Tuvalu

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Title: Prime Minister of Tuvalu  
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Subject: Cabinet of Tuvalu, In the news/Candidates/August 2013, Governor-General of Tuvalu, Enele Sopoaga, Saufatu Sopoanga
Collection: Lists of Prime Ministers, Politics of Tuvalu, Prime Ministers of Tuvalu
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Prime Minister of Tuvalu

Prime Minister of Tuvalu
Coat of Arms of Tuvalu
Enele Sopoaga

since 1 August 2013
Appointer Iakoba Italeli
Term length No term limit
Inaugural holder Toaripi Lauti
Formation 1 October 1978
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The Prime Minister of Tuvalu is the head of government of Tuvalu. According to Tuvalu's constitution, the prime minister must always be a member of the Parliament, and is elected by parliament in a secret ballot. Because there are no political parties in Tuvalu, any member of parliament can be nominated for the role. Following parliament vote the Governor-General of Tuvalu is responsible for swearing in the prime minister.

The office of prime minister was established when Tuvalu gained independence in 1978, although the post is sometimes considered to be a continuation of the earlier office of chief minister, which was created in 1975. If the prime minister dies, as has happened on one occasion, the deputy prime minister becomes acting prime minister until a new one is elected by parliament. The prime minister can lose his office by resigning, being defeated in a no confidence vote by parliament, or losing his seat in a parliamentary election.

Several former prime ministers have been appointed the Governor-General of Tuvalu.


  • Chief Minister of the Ellice Islands (1975–78) 1
  • Prime Ministers of Tuvalu (1978–present) 2
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Chief Minister of the Ellice Islands (1975–78)

Incumbent Tenure Political affiliation
Took office Left office
1 Sir Toaripi Lauti 2 October 1975 1 October 1978   Independent

Prime Ministers of Tuvalu (1978–present)

Incumbent Tenure Political affiliation
Took office Left office
1 Sir Toaripi Lauti 1 October 1978 8 September 1981   Independent
2 Tomasi Puapua 8 September 1981 16 October 1989   Independent
3 Bikenibeu Paeniu 16 October 1989 10 December 1993   Independent
4 Sir Kamuta Latasi 10 December 1993 24 December 1996   Independent
(3) Bikenibeu Paeniu 24 December 1996 27 April 1999   Independent
5 Ionatana Ionatana 27 April 1999 8 December 2000   Independent
N/A Lagitupu Tuilimu 8 December 2000 24 February 2001   Independent
6 Faimalaga Luka 24 February 2001 14 December 2001   Independent
7 Koloa Talake 14 December 2001 24 August 2002   Independent
8 Saufatu Sopoanga 24 August 2002 27 August 2004   Independent
9 Maatia Toafa 27 August 2004 14 August 2006   Independent
10 Apisai Ielemia 14 August 2006 29 September 2010   Independent
(9) Maatia Toafa 29 September 2010 24 December 2010   Independent
11 Willy Telavi 24 December 2010 1 August 2013   Independent
12 Enele Sopoaga 1 August 2013 Incumbent   Independent
  1. ^ Tuilimu served as acting prime minister following the death of Ionatana.[1][2]


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