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Modern Turkish name for a village in the province of Hakkari, traditionally called Qodchanis ([pronunciation?]; Syriac: ܩܘܕܫܐܢܣ Qudshānes, also spelt Qudshanes, Kotchanes, Qochanis or Kocanis). It was the seat of the Assyrian bishops before 1915.

The village is situated about 20 km northeast of the provincial capital Hakkâri of Hakkâri Province, in the southeastern corner of Turkey, near the borders of Iran and Iraq.

The town was inhabited by Assyrians and had become the seat of the patriarchs of the Assyrian Church of the East from the 17th century until 1915 when its inhabitants were massacred in the Assyrian Genocide. From the 1920s until the intensification of the war between the Turkish government and the PKK in the 1990s, when the village was evacuated, it was inhabited by Kurds. Currently it is not permanently inhabited.

The Patriarchal church, the church of Mar Shalita was located in the village.[1] The building is in a bad state of conservation, crumbling.

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  • Jelle Verheij: Kocanis, Hakkâri Description and pictures of the village and the patriarchal church (2005)

Coordinates: 37°38′34.44″N 43°47′21.84″E / 37.6429000°N 43.7894000°E / 37.6429000; 43.7894000Template:Hakkari-geo-stub

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