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Rías Altas

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Title: Rías Altas  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Costa do Marisco, Rías Baixas, Costa da Morte, Coasts of Spain, Landforms of Galicia (Spain)
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Rías Altas

Rías Altas (also called "Upper Rias") is the northernmost of three sections of A Costa do Marisco (the Seafood Coast) in Galicia, Spain. It extends from the port of Ribadeo to Santa Cruz.

The Upper Rias refers to the coast of the northern part of A Coruña Province and the entire coastline of the Lugo Province.

The biggest city port of the Upper Rias is Ferrol - the most important Naval Station in North-western Spain.


  • Major commercial and fishing ports 1
  • International World Surf Competitions 2
  • Locations along the Upper Rias 3
  • See also 4

Major commercial and fishing ports

The biggest city port of the Upper Rias is Ferrol

Note: For those who want to read further about the, non-military ports of, "Ferrol-San Cibrao Port Authority" which covers about 95% of the Coast of the Upper Rias, including all its ports and lighthouses from San Cibrao to Ferrol, it is advisable to visit the external official link which follows: (English) [1]

International World Surf Competitions

  • The Ferrolterra Pantin Classic gathers every year some of the most international and remarkable figures in the world of surf
  • A Coruña Province is very privilege for the quality of its beaches a most of them are ideal for Water Sports like surfing.

Locations along the Upper Rias

These are some of the towns, villages, hamlets and cities along the Upper Rias Coast (that is, the "Rías Altas") including the Naval Station and the largest city port of the Upper Rias: Ferrol.

Ria of O Barqueiro (river Sor Mañón)
  1. Ribadeo
  2. Rinlo
  3. Reinante
  4. San Cosme de Barreiros
  5. Foz
  6. Fazouro
  7. Cangas de Foz
  8. Burela
  9. Punta de Laxes
  10. Coido
  11. San Cibrao
  12. Praia do Lago
  13. Porto Celo
  14. Viveiro
  15. Vicedo
  16. O Barqueiro
  17. Estaca de Bares
  18. Punta Maeda
  19. Espasante
  20. Ortigueira
  21. Cariño
  22. Cabo Ortegal
  23. Costa da Capelada
  24. San Andrés de Teixido
  25. Punta Candieira
  26. Ria de Cedeira
  27. Villarrube
  28. Valdoviño
  29. Montefaro
  30. Casal
  31. Ponzos
  32. Cabo Prior
  33. Doniños
  34. Cabo Prioriño
  35. Castelo de San Felipe
  36. Ferrol
  37. Mugardos
  38. Ares
  39. Perbes
  40. Miño
  41. Sada
  42. Gandario
  43. Cornoedo
  44. Lorbé
  45. Illa a Marola
  46. Mera
  47. Santa Cruz

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