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Rise of the Great Wall

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Title: Rise of the Great Wall  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: 1985 Hong Kong television series debuts, Paw Hee-ching, Bowie Wu, Qin Shi Huang (2001 TV series), Tony Liu
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Rise of the Great Wall

Rise of the Great Wall
VCD cover art
Genre Historical drama
Written by Cheung Kwok-yuen
Yu Hon-wing
Leung Chi-ming
Leung Kim-ho
Directed by Au Ham-wan
Chow Wah-yu
Fok Chi-kai
Chan Toi-yuen
Tam Sun-yuen
Lee Ngoi-king
Starring Tony Liu
Petrina Fung
Michelle Yim
Damian Lau
Theme music composer Kwan Sing-yau[1]
Opening theme Tai Tei Hai Ngo Kiuk Ha (大地在我腳下) performed by Gallen Lo[2]
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 63
Producer(s) Ting Leung
Lee Siu-wah
Editor(s) Leung Kim-ho
Location(s) Hong Kong
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Production company(s) ATV
Original channel ATV
First shown in 1986[3]
Rise of the Great Wall
Chinese 秦始皇

Rise of the Great Wall is a 1986 Hong Kong television series based on the life of Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of China and founder of the Qin dynasty. The series is one of the biggest productions by ATV.[2]


The series follows the life of Ying Zheng, the ruler of the Qin state in the Warring States period, who eventually unified China, established the Qin dynasty, and became the First Emperor of a unified China. The series also includes a subplot about Jing Ke, an assassin who attempted to take the emperor's life.


Note: Some of the characters' names are in Cantonese romanisation.

Qin state

Cast Role
Tony Liu Ying Cheng (贏政)
Wong Wai (王偉) Lui Bat-wai (呂不韋)
Paw Hee-ching Lady Chiu (趙姬)
Hung Tak-sing (熊德誠) Lo Ngoi (嫪毒)
Sum-sum (森森) Empress Lei (李皇后)
Pau Hon-lam (鮑漢琳) Wong Wan (王綰)
Szema Wah Lung (司馬華龍) Wong Tsin (王翦)
Kwan Wai-lun (關偉倫) Mung Tim (蒙恬)
Leung Hon-wai (梁漢威) Lei Si (李斯)
Kong To (江圖) Wai Liu (尉繚)
Fung Zan (馮真) Lady Wah-yeung (華陽夫人)
Lo Chun-shun (魯振順) King Chong-seung (秦莊襄王)
Cho Tat-wah (曹達華) King Chiu-seung (秦昭襄王)
Lam Kwok-hung (林國雄) Fu-so (扶蘇)
Chow Wai-kuen (周慧娟) Lady Wu (胡姬)
Siao San-yan (蕭山仁) Chiu Ko (趙高)
Chan Zik-wai (陳植槐) Ha-how Joi (夏侯且)

Yan state

Cast Role
Pat Poon (潘志文) Crown Prince Dan (太子丹)
Damian Lau King Or (荊軻)
Bowie Wu King Hei (燕王喜)
Michelle Yim Suet-ying (雪瑩)
Ng Kong (吳剛) Chun Mo-yeung (秦舞陽)
Kong Hon (江漢) Koi Nip (蓋聶)
Cheng Gwan-min Grandfather

Zhao state

Cast Role
Ting Leung (丁亮) Lord Ping-yuen (平原君)
Kenneth Ha (夏春秋) King Hau-shing (趙孝成王)
Cheung Yick (張翼)  Lei Muk (李牧)
Ng Wing-sam (伍永森) Kwok Hoi (郭開)


Cast Role
Petrina Fung Mang-keung Maiden (孟姜女)
Wong Jo-see (黃造時) Princess Ming-yee (明儀公主)
Betty Mak (麥翠嫻) Princess Hon Mei (韓彌公主)
Cheng Lui (鄭雷)
Lai Suen (黎萱)

Production notes

Rise of the Great Wall set a new standard for ATV as most television series previously produced by the station was not as good as those produced by its rival, TVB.[4]

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