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Shadow Foreign Secretary

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Title: Shadow Foreign Secretary  
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Subject: Gerald Kaufman, Harold Wilson, Shadow Cabinet of David Cameron, James Callaghan, Shadow Cabinet of Tony Blair
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Shadow Foreign Secretary

In British politics, the shadow foreign secretary is a position within the opposition's shadow cabinet that deals mainly with issues surrounding the Foreign Office. If elected, the person designated as shadow foreign secretary may be slated to serve as the new Foreign Secretary.

List of Shadow Foreign Secretaries

Name Portrait Term of office Political party
Alfred Robens 14 December 1955 22 July 1956 Labour
Aneurin Bevan 22 July 1956 11 October 1959 Labour
Denis Healey 11 October 1959 2 November 1961 Labour
Harold Wilson 2 November 1961 14 February 1963 Labour
Patrick Gordon Walker 14 February 1963 15 October 1964 Labour
R. A. Butler 15 October 1964 27 July 1965 Conservative
Reginald Maudling 27 July 1965 11 November 1965 Conservative
Christopher Soames 11 November 1965 13 April 1966 Conservative
Alec Douglas-Home 13 April 1966 18 June 1970 Conservative
Denis Healey 20 June 1970 19 April 1972 Labour
James Callaghan 19 April 1972 28 February 1974 Labour
Geoffrey Rippon 28 February 1974 11 February 1975 Conservative
Reginald Maudling 11 February 1975 11 April 1976 Conservative
John Davies 11 April 1976 6 November 1978 Conservative
Francis Pym[1] 6 November 1978 4 May 1979 Conservative
Peter Shore 4 May 1979 8 December 1980 Labour
Denis Healey 8 December 1980 13 June 1987 Labour
Gerald Kaufman 13 June 1987 24 July 1992 Labour
Jack Cunningham 24 July 1992 20 October 1994 Labour
Robin Cook 20 October 1994 2 May 1997 Labour
John Major 7 May 1997 11 June 1997 Conservative
Michael Howard 11 June 1997 15 June 1999 Conservative
John Maples 15 June 1999 2 February 2000 Conservative
Francis Maude 2 February 2000 18 September 2001 Conservative
Michael Ancram 18 September 2001 10 May 2005 Conservative
Liam Fox 10 May 2005 6 December 2005 Conservative
William Hague 6 December 2005 11 May 2010 Conservative
David Miliband 11 May 2010 8 October 2010 Labour
Yvette Cooper 8 October 2010 20 January 2011 Labour
Douglas Alexander 20 January 2011 Incumbent Labour


  1. ^ It was announced following Davies resignation that Pym would lead the two-day debate on Rhodesia for the Conservatives. See Geoffrey Parkhouse (7 November 1978). "Pym favourite for top Thatcher post". The Glasgow Herald. p. 1.  By approximately 20 November, Norman St John-Stevas had replaced him as Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, and Pym continued as Shadow Foreign Secretary through the end of the Parliament in 1979.

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