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Title: Shihihutag  
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Subject: Battle of Parwan, Yassa
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Shikhikhutag (Mongolian: Шихихутаг; Chinese: 失吉忽禿忽) was a high-ranking minister of the Mongol Empire in its early years, and a stepbrother of Genghis Khan, founder of the empire.


According to Secret History of the Mongols, Shikhikhutag was a son of a Tartar nobleman. As a child, he was lost during a skirmish between the Mongols and the Tartars in the early 1190s and was discovered by Genghis Khan's men later. He was brought to the khan's mother, Hoelun, and was adopted by her as a son.

Shikhikhutag was well-versed in legal affairs and contributed greatly to the Mongolian legal code of Yassa during the early years of the Mongol Empire. He was appointed by Genghis Khan as a judge in 1206 and helped to keep a record of legislations and criminal affairs as part of his duties. He also maintained a close friendship with Yelü Chucai, prime minister of the Mongol Empire.

In 1221, Shikhikhutag led the Mongolian army at the Battle of Parwan against the Khwarezmians, led by sultan Jalal ad-Din Mingburnu. He lost and the battle marked one of the few defeats of the Mongols by the Khwarezmians during that time.

Shikhikhutag was appointed by Ogedei Khan as a chief judge in northern China in 1240. He died in 1250.


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