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Speaker of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan

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Title: Speaker of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: National Assembly (Azerbaijan), Ogtay Asadov, Murtuz Alasgarov, Politics of Azerbaijan, Mirza Ibrahimov
Collection: Government of Azerbaijan, Members of the National Assembly (Azerbaijan), Members of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan
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Speaker of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan

Speaker of
the National Assembly
Official seal
Ogtay Asadov

since December 2, 2005
Appointer Elected by the Members of Azerbaijani Parliament
Inaugural holder Mammad Emin Rasulzade
May 27, 1918
Formation Constitution of Azerbaijan
November 12, 1995
Succession Third, after Prime Minister of Azerbaijan
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politics and government of
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The Speaker of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan Republic (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Respublikası Milli Məclisinin Spikeri), also called Chairman of the National Assembly (Azerbaijani: Milli Məclisinin Sədri) is the Speaker of Azerbaijani Parliament. The current Speaker is Ogtay Asadov. According to the amendments to the Azerbaijani Constitution of 1995, the Speaker is the third in line of succession after Prime Minister of Azerbaijan.

Chairmen of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan

Name Period
Mammad Emin Rasulzade May 27, 1918–December 7, 1918
Alimardan Topchubashov[1] December 7, 1918–April 27, 1920
Hasan bey Aghayev (First Deputy Chairman) December 7, 1918–February 2, 1920
Mammad Gafarov (First Deputy Chairman) February 2, 1920–April 27, 1920
Mir Teymur Yaqubov July 18, 1938–July 4, 1941
Aziz Aliyev July 4, 1941–March 6, 1947
Sultan Gafarzade March 6, 1947–March 22, 1947
Yusif Yusifov March 23, 1947–March 25, 1951
Aghamirza Ahmadov March 25, 1951–April 18, 1953
Mustafa Topchubashov April 18, 1953–March 25, 1955
Abdulla Bayramov March 25, 1955–January 23, 1958
Mirza Ibrahimov January 23, 1958–March 25, 1959
Gazanfar Jafarli March 25, 1959–November 25, 1959
Ali Taghizade November 25, 1959–March 29, 1963
Mammad Dadashzade March 29, 1963–May 4, 1967
Mustafa Topchubashov May 4, 1967–July 1, 1971
Suleyman Rustamzade July 1, 1971–June 10, 1989
Elmira Gafarova[2] May 18, 1990–March 5, 1992
Yaqub Mammadov March 5, 1992–May 18, 1992
Isa Gambar May 18, 1992–June 13, 1993
Heydar Aliyev June 24, 1993–November 5, 1993
Rasul Guliyev November 1993–September 11, 1996
Murtuz Alasgarov October 16, 1996–December 2, 2005
Ogtay Asadov December 2, 2005–Incumbent


  1. ^ Topchubashov did not take office. The legislature was headed by the First Deputy Chairman
  2. ^ Gafarova became Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on June 22, 1989

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