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Sulfenyl chloride

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Title: Sulfenyl chloride  
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Subject: Functional group, Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid, Carboxylic acid, Acetoxy group, Alkene
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Sulfenyl chloride

General structural formula of sulfenyl chlorides, RSCl

A sulfenyl chloride is a functional group with the connectivity R-S-Cl, where R is alkyl[1] or aryl. Sulfenyl chlorides are reactive compounds that behave as sources of RS+. They are used in the formation of RS-N and RS-O bonds.

According to IUPAC nomenclature they are named as alkyl thiohypochlorites, i.e. esters of thiohypochlorous acid.

Preparation and reactions

Sulfenyl chlorides are typically prepared by chlorination of disulfides:[2][3]

R2S2 + Cl2 → 2 RSCl

This reaction is sometimes called the Zincke disulfide reaction, in recognition of Theodor Zincke.[4][5] Typically, sulfenyl halides are stabilized by electronegative substituents.

Sulfenyl chlorides add across alkenes:


Related compounds

Sulfenyl bromides are also known.[6] Simple sulfenyl iodides are unknown because they are unstable with respect to the disulfide and iodine:

2 RSI → (RS)2 + I2

Sulfenyl iodides can be isolated as stable compounds if they bear alkyl steric protecting groups as part of a cavity-shaped framework, illustrating the technique of kinetic stabilization of a reactive functionality, as in the case of sulfenic acids.[7]

A related class of compounds are the alkylsulfur trichlorides, as exemplified by methylsulfur trichloride, CH3SCl3.[8]

The corresponding selenyl halides, e.g. C6H5SeCl, are more commonly encountered in the laboratory. Sulfenyl chlorides are used in the production of agents used in the vulcanization of rubber.


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