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Origin Slottsbron
Genres Dansband music, Pop, Rock
Years active 1956–present
Members Ingvar Karlsson
Sven-Erik Magnusson
Past members Sven Svärd
Rune Bergman
Sven-Olof Petersson
Patrik Karlsson

Sven-Ingvars is a pop/rock group from Slottsbron, Sweden.[1] The band was formed in 1956 by Sven Svärd (drums), Ingvar Karlsson (guitar and accordion), Sven-Erik Magnusson (vocals, guitar, and clarinet). Later the band were joined first by Rune Bergman on bass guitar and then by Sven-Olof Petersson on tenor and baritone saxophone. The group made their first EP as a quartet in the early 1960s (Guitar Boogie). In the mid-1960s the group was popular in Sweden with hits such as "Te' dans me' Karlstatösera", "Ett litet rött paket", "Fröken Fräken", "Börja om från början", "Säj inte nej, säj kanske, kanske, kanske", "Vid din sida", Önskebrunnen and many others.

Sven-Erik Magnusson and Ingvar Karlsson are the only two members of the band since the start back in 1956. Since the 1970s they have often been classified as a dansband. In 1990, Sven-Ingvars was awarded a Grammis for "Dansband of the year". In 2005, Sven-Ingvars was awarded the "special prize from the jury" at the Grammis awards.


  • Dans ikväll (1966)
  • Nu är vi här... igen (1968)
  • Sven-Ingvars i Carnegie Hall (1970)
  • Sven-Ingvars i Frödingland (1971)
  • Man borde inte sova (1972)
  • På turné (1973)
  • Allt går igen (1973)
  • Guld (1975)
  • Playa blanca (1976)
  • Åh, va skönt (1977)
  • Ett vykort från Sven-Ingvars (1978)
  • Apropå (1980)
  • Sven-Ingvars jubileums à la carte (1981)
  • Å vilka tider (1982)
  • Våga - vinn (1983)
  • Exposé (1985)
  • Nya vindar (1987)
  • Sven-Ingvars kvartett rainbow music (1989)
  • Dansparty (1992)
  • Allt går igen (1993)
  • Två mörka ögon (1994)
  • På begäran (1994)
  • Byns enda blondin (1994)
  • En dröm om våren (1995)
  • Du flicka med vind i ditt hår (1995)
  • Septemberbarn (1995)
  • Kärlekens alla färger (1995)
  • Lika ung som då (1996)
  • Hus till salu (1997)
  • Nio liv (1998)
  • Älskar du mig (1999)
  • Retro aktiv (2000)
  • Här nere på jorden (2001)
  • Musik vi minns (2003)
  • Guld & Glöd (2005)


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