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Texas gubernatorial election, 1972

Texas gubernatorial election, 1972

November 7, 1972

Nominee Dolph Briscoe Henry Grover Ramsey Muniz
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 1,633,493 1,533,986 214,118
Percentage 47.8% 45.0% 6.3%

Governor before election

Preston Smith

Elected Governor

Dolph Briscoe

The 1972 Texas gubernatorial election was held on November 7, 1972 to elect the Governor of Texas. Incumbent Democratic Governor Preston Smith was running for reelection, but was defeated in the Democratic primary by businessman Dolph Briscoe. Briscoe went on to win the election by a relatively small margin, winning 48% of the vote to Republican Henry Grover's 45%. Raza Unida candidate Ramsey Muniz won 6%.

The 1972 election marked the last time that a gubernatorial election was held concurrently with a presidential election and the last time that a governor was elected for a two-year term.


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    • Democratic 1.2
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Republican Primary Results
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Henry Grover 37,118 32.56%
Republican Albert Bel Fay 24,329 21.34%
Republican David Reagan 20,119 17.65%
Republican Tom McElroy 19,559 17.16%
Republican John A. Hall, Sr. 8,018 7.03%
Republican J.A. Jenkins 4,864 4.27%
Total votes 114,007 100.00%


Democratic Primary results
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Dolph Briscoe 963,397 43.93%
Democratic Frances Farenthold 612,051 27.91%
Democratic Ben Barnes 392,356 17.89%
Democratic Preston Smith (Incumbent) 190,709 8.70%
Democratic William H. Posey 13,727 0.62%
Democratic Gordon F. Wills 10,438 0.48%
Democratic Robert E. Looney 10,225 0.47%
Total votes 2,192,903 100.00%
Democratic Runoff Results
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Dolph Briscoe 1,095,168 55.32%
Democratic Frances Farenthold 884,594 44.68%
Total votes 1,979,762 100.00%


General Election Results
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Dolph Briscoe 1,633,493 48.79%
Republican Henry Grover 1,533,986 44.99%
Total votes 3,409,501 100.00%

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