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Thorstein the Red


Thorstein the Red

Thorstein the Red or Thorstein Olafsson was a viking chieftain who flourished in late ninth-century Scotland. He was born around 850 AD and was the son of Olaf the White, King of Dublin, and Aud the Deep-minded, who was the daughter of Ketil Flatnose.[1] After the death of Olaf, Aud and Thorstein went to live in the Hebrides, then under Ketil's rule.[2] Thorstein eventually became a warlord and allied with the Jarl of Orkney, Sigurd Eysteinsson.[3] Together Thorstein and Sigurd waged a series of campaigns in Caithness, Sutherland, Ross, Moray, and a number of other regions, eventually receiving tribute from half of Scotland.[4] However, the Scottish chieftains plotted against Thorstein, and he was killed; the exact nature of his death is unknown but it probably took place around 880 or 890. After Thorstein's death Aud left Caithness, sojourning for a while in Orkney before settling with other members of her clan in Iceland.[5]

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  • Stirnet: Viking03(subscription required) (mentions Thorstein (as "Thorstun 'the Red'"))

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[7], claimed to be the daughter of Thorstein, but this claim was viewed by other Icelanders with scepticism.Thorolf Mostur-beard A woman named Unn, wife of [6]

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